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    Suggestion for modifications in system of adding courses to college database of ISC.

    Recently I viewed the data of 'Lucknow Christian Degree College, Gola Ganj, Lucknow' available in the ISC repository. I had studied in the said college during the year 1973 to 1975 to complete my B.Sc. However, I found that the courses are not yet listed in the college and therefore attempted to add courses as described on the website of the college.
    First I attempted to add B.Sc. course. However, the system prompted me to select the course from a given drop down menu. I faced following difficulties during the process and therefore could not add the course -
    1. The courses are not listed in the drop down menu in any particular order or group.
    2. The listing is not in alphabetical order.
    3. B.Sc. course is listed with many combinations of subjects though the combination required is not available.
    4. There is a very long list of courses which makes it very cumbersome to browse through all courses to add the correct course.
    I this connection, it is requested that the system may be considered to be modified in such a manner which makes addition of courses user-friendly. Such a step is likely to enable the members to update/enrich the available data.
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    Dear Kailash ji
    Thank you for your thread. The same has been notified to our Webmasters.

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    I have implemented your suggestions. Please let me know if everything looks good. I will be happy to make further changes if needed.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you, Mr. Tony. I have seen it and will post detailed feedback to you after practically adding courses in the database in few days.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Dear Mr. Tony,
    I have been able to add all the courses.
    However, though the system is working fine, there is a suggestion as follows for further value addition -
    Presently there are three classifications of courses according to Course Group, Course Name, and Course Type.
    In case an additional classification 'Course Level' is introduced as the first field of classification, then the system is likely to become more user friendly.
    The Course Level may classify the courses as follow -
    1. Certificate level
    2. Diploma level
    3. Graduation degree level
    4. Post graduation degree level
    5. Doctorate level
    6. Others

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The Course Level is already defined when defining the Course. So, when you choose a course, system already knows which level it is.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you, Mr. Tony for clarification.
    However, my suggestion was intended to make it easier for the members attempting to add a course in the database.
    The first step may be to sift the data according to course level, prior to proceeding further. Because of a number of available courses, presently under any given category/group, a large number of courses appear in the drop down menu to select from.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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