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    ISC profile page photo guidelines

    The Webmasters have issued clarifications about the profile page photo, discussions about which came up in this thread.

    Smileys and objects at the profile page are not encouraged. Avoid making your profile page photo look farcical & ridiculous. You will not be creating a good impression at all either on Google or on the admin.

    Fake photos and photos of celebrities, Gods, cartoon characters, etc will not be allowed at all. If you see any such photo at a member's profile page, or any offensive/inappropriate photo too, you can report it to Lead Editor Saji Ganesh. He will report it to the Webmasters who can then remove the photo.

    If you do not wish to put any photo, that is perfectly fine as the admin has not made it mandatory to upload a photo. Just leave it blank. From time to time, that space may show a Google ad unit.

    A sensible word of advice to all: please do not post revealing photos or make gestures & expressions that are titillating. This applies to male members too. There are even photos of youngsters which conveys a thug-like impression (no offence meant - just pointing out a fact), posing with fingers poised like guns, bandanas around the head, etc.

    If you have any queries about the profile page photo, please post them here. Do not start some ruckus in this thread - and definitely do not make fun of the photo feature, with gorillas, silly drawings & what-not. You want to discuss it in a sensible manner, do so, otherwise stay out of the thread & kindly do not make provocative remarks or reply back to a member who makes them. Let the forum editors deal with them.

    Please read: Profile photo guidelines
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    Since the earlier thread was closed, I am clarifying a point made by Juana in her response #572533, wherein it was stated that "Cartoon figures are showing as your profile picture alongside your name". Please note that if the reference was made to what appears near my name in forum threads and responses, that is part of the label of Managing Editor designed by the Webmasters. The 2 figures are representing the editorial team.
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    I should sincerely appreciate the initiative taken by ISC to clarify the doubt related to uploading of photo image on the members profile page. Thanks lot for the good post .

    @ Instead of saying - Smileys and objects at the profile page are not encouraged It should be said - Smileys and objects at the profile page are not allowed The phrase 'Not encouraged 'still creates a doubt in our mind while the phrase 'not allowed' is a firm order/directive.

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    The second point in the 'Profile photo guidelines' says that 'You may use photos of your kids, parents or a family picture'. Does it means that a member can post a photograph of his/her kid also instead of his/her own. This confusion arose as the last sentence of the guidelines say that - 'If you are using the photo of human, you or your immediate family members should be part of the picture'.
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    Mr Sun at #572682, 'not encouraged' implies that the same will not be allowed and the term being used generally in such guidelines or policies need to be taken and understood in the same sense. The matter will be looked into and need not be discussed here further.

    Mr Kailash at #572689, read both the points together as they are part of the same guideline and you will get the answer. You may post photos of your kids, parents or a family picture but you must be part of the picture. Simple! Being laymen, I don't think we need to look for crystal clear clarity in our guidelines.

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