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    Sleeping should be complete, otherwise inviting many unwanted things

    Sleeping to a common man is seven to eight hours per day. Sleeping should not on any account exceed or short of the average level as both excess or short tends to increase the CRP and IL-6 in human body. The increase in the C Reactive Protein (CRP), Interluccin-6(IL-6) is becoming a good cause for all diseases and Heart Problems especially leads to High Blood Pressure and Type II diabetic. Angriness in a human increases the level of CRP and IL-6 in human body. Such factors are revealed in the research made by scientist Dr. Michael Irwin. The same content indirectly told by our elders that Angry person has less thinking (Aathirakkaranukku Arivu Mattu)
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    I agree with the author that sleeping must be deep and full without any external disturbances. There are people who keep their music box on and the songs are kept on played the whole night and of course with less noise. And there are people who keep watching the tv and then sleep in their sofa itself unmindful of so many good hours passed and thus after suddenly getting from the sofa they find the time already touching early morning and thus they have themselves denied a sound and deep sleep. For children 10 hours of sleep is must and for elders 6 to eight hours of sound sleep is essential, otherwise the next day would be full of upsets and no work.
    K Mohan
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    I completely agree with Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman due to my personal experience. Some years back, I had a stress problem which made me not to sleep for days. I recovered from that problem only after I started sleeping for right time (8 hours) and sleeping at right time (10:00 PM). If we sleep for less time, we will be sleepy the next day and it effects our work the next day. If we sleep for more time, we can't sleep at right time the next day and it leads to sleep for less time and it effects our work the next day. This is a cycle. So, it is good to get a proper sleep.

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    Sleep is a natural requirement of human beings and it is essential for survival. Our nervous system works properly only when we sleep adequately. Inadequate sleep leaves us drowsy and unable to focus and concentrate on next day. Memory as well as physical activities gets affected e.g. people feel reduced ability to carry out mathematical calculations next day.
    In case of children and young adults, growth hormones are released and many cells show increased production during the sleep. The protein breakdown process also slows during deep sleep. Since proteins are the building blocks for repair of damage caused due to the factors like stress and ultraviolet rays, the next morning after deep sleep, people look fresh, radiant and beautiful.
    People become able to maintain optimal emotional and social functioning after good sleep as the functions like social interactions and attendant stresses and strains are paused during the sleep process.

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    I sometimes felt that I can survive without food for a day, but not without sleep.

    Incomplete or erratic sleep makes us tired and sleepy the whole day.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Sleep disturbances can cause several disorders in a human body. There are many disease symptoms that are caused due to sleeplessness. Recently it is also proved that people should sleep only in the dark room. Most of the people who do a night shift usually don't sleep in the night but rather sleep in the morning or daytime where there will be enough light falling on their eye. This would have been a practice for them but on a long run, this gives a severe bad effect in the body. Sleeping after sunset and rising before sunset is the ideal way of sleeping and this has been followed by our ancestors for a very long time.

    It is also evident from the lives of many legends that they skipped sleeping and did Yoga to compensate their sleep. That can be possible if you are well versed in Yoga. Otherwise, a normal 6 hours of sleep is very important for a person to be energetic throughout the day. It is also a fact that during the sleep, all the body problems are healed and rejuvenated. During sleep, the oxygen and blood flow in the body are regulated properly to help with proper energy generation and energy circulation.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    Sleep is important for all humans, also for all living beings. Sleeplessness causes irritation to eyes, tired for the entire body after the start of the day for work and gives a tremble headache after some time of the start of the day. People work at night shifts especially at BPO do always feel sleepy when they are at office too during their night shift, as the body has the habit of adopting sleep during the nights for more than 20 years for both men and woman, before the person gets a night shift job. After that the entire system inside is been forced to do in opposite direction. This gives less immunity for the body and mind. Even though it feels fresh after getting out of the sleep during the evening hours to start the work, the freshness stays only for a short time for the night shift people. Their diet system are also different, it attracts more food than usually taking for three times a day, or five time the short meal. After a few months of working in the night shift the eating disorders develops slowly. There are lots of people gained weight in 2 years after working the night shifts.

    Its better to take fruits to protect the immune system of the body if the person works night shift, This prevents
    from eating disorders slowly. Drinking sufficient amount of water is also a way to keep mind and body fresh.
    During the day time its better to sleep in calm, silent place without disturbances that gives rest to mind and body.
    Taking exercises and meditation during the evening before the work gives a little freshness to mind and body.
    'Health is wealth'.

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    A person must take sufficient sleep during night; at least 6hrs a day to be perfect and healthy in every aspect. There are many side effects of lack of sleep are: laziness, obesity, mental stress, infertile, sightless, etc.
    'Yoga Nidra' is a perfect meditation for the people who didn't get sufficient time to sleep. By practicing this yoga a person can enjoy the complete sleep and rest within a short time. In addition, s/he will get more energy than a natural sleep. In natural sleep you'll get disturbed with so many dreams, thoughts and breaks; however in 'Yoga Nidra' you'll go to a certain stage of rest, where you'll not being disturbed at all. You can practice and enjoy it.

    Naresh Kumar
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