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    Wonders in Puri Temple of Orissa which we can realize even today

    Wonders in Puri Temple of Orissa which we can realize even today

    Puri is the historic as well pilgrimage center of Orissa has many wonders in it. Among them the following are:

    1. The flag will get waved in the opposite direction when wind blows
    2. The Sudarshan chakra situated in the tower of the Temple can be seen by any one facing him from any corner of the city
    3. Normally the wind from sea blows towards land from sea in day time and towards land to sea in the night times in all places but in Puri the situation is reverse.
    4. In whole day time we cannot see the shadow of the tower in Puri
    5. Across the tower of the temple, no birds or aeroplan flies
    6. In this temple the food is prepared for offering to the public is same quantity over all days but there is no excess or shortage of food on any day though the visitors exceeds to any extent.
    7. In the kitchen of this temple it is the practice of cooking food by using wood as fuel through seven pots one up another. Before getting cooked in the last pot, first pot food gets ready daily.
    8. When we enters in the first step of simha dwara of this temple, we cannot hear any sound of ocean but when we come out of the temple we can hear the sound of ocean when step on the simha dwara.
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    It is really great to know all these wonders of Puri Jagannath Temple. I belong to this place of Odisha, and every year I used to visit Jagannath temple. There are many wonders apart from this which are unaware to us. Many tales are being said by the natives of Puri and the temple priests (Pujari/Panda in Odia).
    1. The Sudarshan Chakra is 20ft in height and weighs more than a ton.
    2. The temple height is about 40 storied building, where the priest easily climbs without any lift to change the flag.
    3. Every year before Rathayatra, new chariots were built by the temple carpenters. Since the beginning, they never used any measuring tapes in any construction.

    Naresh Kumar
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    Wow what a nice way to say the glory of Puri Jaganadha Temple and frankly speaking for the first time I came across such facts and that is inducing me to visit this great historic place which is considered one of the 108 divya shetrams in India. Thanks.
    K Mohan
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    This is an excellent thread supported by the response of Mr. Behera. The ancient Puri Temple was built following various known and unknown rules of 'Bastu'. There are many inexplicable lores associated with the temple.

    Let's pay our respect to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra.

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