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    Do you like getting settled in foreign countries?

    Many people like to visit countries like US, Australia, Canada etc. People go to other countries, work there for few years, make handsome money and come back to India. Some people would prefer getting settled in other countries and would not think of coming back to India anytime. People leave their parents behind, culture and traditions behind and accommodate a new lifestyle of that country. Many people don't even think of their families in India and will have their own life with new people but their families in India will be starving to meet them.
    Is it good to go to other countries for a limited period rather than settling their. What is your opinion about it? Would you like to permanently settle in other countries were you don't get the feel of our Motherland?
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    It is said that nothing is within the control of human beings and the fate determines as to what will happen in future. If we see historically, there had always been migration of human beings from one country or regions to other.
    Presently it is estimated that about 3 crore Indians known as Non-resident Indians (NRIs) are settled/working abroad, the maximum about 34 lakh being in USA followed by 30 lakh in Saudi Arabia.
    During the British rule, many poor workers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar had also migrated to British colonies like Fiji, Mauritius, East Africa and South Africa etc.
    The list is mind boggling.
    More than one lakh students go to USA every year for pursuing studies and many get jobs there after completing studies. They have different logic for settling there and a vast majority of them don't come back after living there for few years.
    Those who are able to get an opportunity to get settled in developed countries have their own logic and the others who don't prefer to do so, have their own justification.
    After all, it is purely an individual choice.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well I am fully against going to any foreign country and settling there. When I am comfortable and able to live the life what I want, then what is the necessity of going to other country and settling there. I have seen students yearning to visit other countries for higher studies and then try to settle there. After some days they become home sick and wants to come back. The efforts of the parents in sending the student gone waste and the money wasted. Likewise some has gone for greener pastures and higher job emoluments. But on comparing the pay they get after necessary taxes deducted it was hardly 10,000 rupees more than Indians earning if he was working here. And for that small amount, he is missing the parents, if married then his wife, his children and above all terribly becoming home sick. Moreover the conditions in some of the country is not conducive and there is escalation of violence and thus living in our country is best.
    K Mohan
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    We all know that earnings can be better in some foreign countries when compared to ours. So, it is better to go to or even get settled in such foreign countries as it results in good earnings. But, earning money is not the only aspect of life and so we should never leave our families. We should meet them sometimes during holidays etc,. In my opinion, going to foreign countries for sometime and returning back to India is better. In case we want to settle there, it is better to take our family with us. I don't know about others but I will do the same if I come across such a situation.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Generally people move to foreign locations to earn money. After earning a good amount they can come back to their own place and enjoy the rest of the life. But they fail to do so because of the comfortableness which other foreign countries provide. The facilities which other countries provide to their people is found missing in our country. The life style of a person who gets settled in foreign countries changes and their mind always look for a well established facilities. Even if they come back to their own land their mind started to compare their own land with the foreign place and they will start to complain about the facilities, climate and cleanliness of their own land. To avoid all these things many people prefer to settle in foreign countries and they don't want to move back to their own motherland.

    Staying in our own mother land with our own people gives a heavenly feeling and I prefer to stay in my own place and do the work which gives me an immense pleasure.

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    Well, since the thread poses a question to the one who reads it as to whether they would settle down in a foreign country, I would not go into why people do it and how. Rather, I will just say I would not settle in a foreign country. I know there will be good earnings if you do so. But leaving behind everyone for whom you are their world and moving to the greener pastures is not something I can be happy with.

    I have a few members within my family who have settled down abroad. I have seen how their near and dear ones feel about them. Moreover, the culture and the lifestyle would definitely not suit me as I am someone who is bonded to my culture.

    So, in essence I am strongly against the idea of settling abroad.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Now there is a hard fact regarding the subject matter. Many people who come back to India from US citing various reasons are those who are unfortunately not able to get the work visa there, irrespective of their merit, due to the lottery system.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Going to other countries is ok, but for settling there I have to think twice. How can I leave all my surroundings here, all my fiends here, all my social involvements here, all my relatives, and several other things ? All these have contributed to make me in the present form.
    I am presently holding several responsibilities here which include family, social, organizations, etc. One fine morning how can I just wash off and leave ? So, as far as I am concerned there does not arise the question of leaving this place permanently.

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