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    Stuck in traffic jam for the first time..

    The most unwelcome and unexpected experience for a new driver of a four wheeler especially can be the mechanical breakdown of their car.Many a time we see,especially in the case of lady drivers that a scene gets created and gets unwarranted attention causing embarassment sometimes.The whole traffic comes to a halt and drivers behind start honking madly when the signal turns green.
    People comer running to push the car to a side also!
    Have you ever got stuck like this sometimes?How did you deal with the people and the police in such a situation?
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    In many cases, people stuck in traffic due to improper actions by the traffic polices or absence of them. Most of the people are busy driving without peace of mind; always they're busy or stressed. Due to which they never wait for the signals and never look who's coming to your opposite, why the road is one-way, why the road is closed, why there is no permit, why road is narrow, et. They won't think about the situation peacefully as they're moody. They'll always try to rush and run quickly wherever they found a small way to cross. Who cares whatever happens later. Let them wait and face the same what I've faced till now. This mentality is very common among us.
    The second and most horrible situation is to tolerate the blow honking of drivers who can't make their passage clear. They don't listen anything and don't want to understand the situation, why they're stuck or jammed there.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    It is invariably seen at the signals that new learners pose to be able learners and when the signal switched green, they try to start the vehicle but it wont. And thus whole lots of contusion and commotion that leads to verbal duel too. And taking advantage of the situation the traffic police try to pounce on the car driver and he seeks to get some fine out of him. This kind of happening I have seen with senior citizens and ladies who have just learned the car and came on the main road. And in Hyderabad navigating at the traffic signal with jam packed bumper to bumper riding has to be done with lots of guts and courage and new drivers are unfit for that.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Driving on busy Indian roads, particularly in metro/major cities is a skill which requires blessings of the God as it is much more beyond the set rules and regulations. Practically nobody can drive on Indian roads by scrupulously following the rules. The saying that one has to behave like Romans while in Rome applies aptly in such cases. Only an Indian driver can drive on Indian roads.
    There are so many vehicles on roads that the traffic policemen surrender and prefer to remain inactive till a fatal accident occurs.
    I have read that in developed countries like US, traffic policemen are never seen on the roads. There, people themselves act as traffic policemen by following the traffic rule voluntarily.
    However, perhaps the author of the thread is mentioning about the situations in which the individuals themselves become a cause of traffic congestion due to the unfortunate breakdown of their own vehicles etc.
    Nothing much can be done to avoid such situations except to get the vehicles maintained by scrupulously adhering to the recommended prevetive maintenance schedules.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    well I never fall in any situation like that but when I am a school goer I usually get into this problem because of my bus driver, but I never complain to him as it is a part of life.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Though I own my lovely Padmini who has crossed her 40, she is fit and perfect with her excellent performance. She never failed and never made me face any unpleasant situation in my life while on the road. Even I never had an occasion to change her tyres on the road.

    However, I had an unpleasant situation with a Xylo (Mohindra) last year. I was a passenger in that car. My nephew was the driver. He safely parked the vehicle on the roadside at a slope near a busy junction and went to purchase honey. A large TNSTC bus happened to take a turn in that junction and its way was blocked by the xylo by half a feet. The police and the public started banging the car to get it moved, for the bus to manoeuvre. I had no other alternative than to sit on the wheel and move the car. The car was new to me. I never drove it. Fortunately/unfortunately, I could not release the hand-brake. Knowing my position, one taxi driver came to help me. The movement he sat and tried to release the hand-brake, the car moved backward with a brake failure and hit two in number two wheelers which were behind. One guy got injured on his leg. I rushed and picked up a stone and put behind the rear wheel. The vehicle stopped. There was a crowd. Suddenly my nephew came; started the vehicle and moved ahead at full speed not knowing that I was outside the vehicle and on the road. The taxi driver vanished. I was held by the police. When my nephew came back after halting the vehicle half a kilometer away from the spot, the police wanted to book us. As it was not our fault but the taxi driver's fault, he left us. The injured guy was in a drunken state. The public also helped us to move from the spot as it was not our fault. I thanked God. An unforgettable experience with a latest model car. My good old Padmini is far better than the Xylo. My Padmini never ditched me and never created such unpleasant situation on the roads.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    By the way all the cars are good but we lack how to drive them safely and park them. Blaming the car brands just because of our ignorance is not good. This is one more testimony that every car must be driven by its owner only.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It is not the case for just 4 wheeler. Even two wheeler face this problem. Considering Chennai, I would say that most of the traffic problems are created due to carelessness of the government officials. They dig the road for metro water (They cant save the ground water. But they spend crores of money to purify the sea water and give it to public. Useless government. ) and leave it as it is. It is not closed. Recently in my area after heavy rain car got stuck in the middle of the road due to this. No police men turned up in spite of the incident happening in front of police station.

    It took several hours for the traffic to get cleared. Another nu sense is the metro rail project. During rainy days, no one can travel under a metro rail over bridge. There is no proper rain water path, it just abruptly falls like a water fall in the middle of the road. That creates heavy traffic. The next day when people travel, the road will also be spoiled due to water fall in the same area. Government takes no care about these issues. I would say that these mega structures are not planned well.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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