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    How are points awarded to forum responses?

    Until now, I thought that the forum responses are awarded points based on their length and the quality of a forum response earns cash credits or stars to its author. Now, I saw a forum response which is too long but is given only 1 point. This created a small doubt. If a forum response is of small length (1 point) initially and edited later to a large one, won't the awarded points change? or will the editors change awarded points based on the quality too?
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    If the author raises a forum message, five points are given. If the same author visits and gives the responses to the members to the same thread only one point is given. Like wise if a member gives responses in the GD, the points get decreased from 5,4,3,2,1 like that.
    K Mohan
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    While raising a new thread, system generated points are assigned depending on the length/size of the contents which can be maximum 5 points.
    While posting responses also, initially system generated points are assigned, again depending upon the length/size of the content.
    Here, I am presuming that quality is not being evaluated by the system, though technically it is possible to perform certain quality control checks like spellings mistakes and grammatical errors. However, depth of thoughts etc. cannot be assessed by the system.
    Later the forum editors manually evaluate the threads as well responses and adjust points depending upon the quality. The points may be reduced as well as increased also by the editors.
    In cases of contest entries etc. enhanced points are assigned even in the forum section which may be more than 5 also.
    The points can be made 0 also and even negative points can be awarded as a penal measure in case of violations of the policies and guidelines.
    However, once a content of shorter length is saved by the author yielding less than 5 points, then even after increasing the size of the content after editing, the originally assigned points remain unchanged i.e. don't get updated automatically.

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    To #572670, the case I mentioned is different Mr. Mohan. A member raised that thread and another member who gave a long response was awarded only one point. And, thanks for the information about GDs. I don't know that till now as I din't participate in any.

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    It would be better if you provided us the link to the concerned thread. It would be practically fruitless to keep discussing about something we are not aware of.
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    Krishna, it would be better if you give the URL of the thread and the particular response number if you are seeking a clarification/ explanation from the editing table.

    There are lot many aspects that are looked into while reviewing threads/ responses and as Mr Kailash has suggested, points may increase or decrease depending on many factors. It is not just the length or quality of your responses that actually matters.

    Contents posted in forum section are moderated but we do take a liberal stand and hence you may not find a standard form of assessment across the section as it is practically impossible for editors to handle each thread or response that is posted individually. But that doesn't actually mean that the team is not watching!

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    The thread is this and the response is #572608.

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    In this case the author has provided information from the sources and ISC felt that it is not required at all. ISC always appreciates own content and not reproduced content and hence the points were deducted.
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    Krishna (#572690), the details in the particular response was fine but does it in any way answer the query put forward by the author of the thread? There are many ways to make a response lengthy enough to gain the automated five points but we need responses that are relevant to the thread. If one wants to waste his time by posting information and irrelevant responses, the editors will have to, at least occasionally, reduce points and may even give negative points to convey the message to the members. Being a Gold level member, you should have been able to catch the point!
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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