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    Why IT employees prefer to go Onsite?

    IT sector is a fast growing sector and many employees are working under this sector. It is the only sector where employees can earn lump sum amount in a shorter span. Indian has many top Multi national companies and the employees who are working in our country for such companies are treated well with many benefits but still many people wanted to migrate and work for their company in foreign locations.

    Now a days the only aim of an IT employee is going to an onsite location. Why people are in such a mind set? Why they prefer to go onsite?
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    Only 65,000 H1B visa are issued by US Government for companies to bring skilled workers from foreign countries in order to fulfill their requirement. This includes both the IT sector and non-IT sectors. It is reported that in the year 2014, the Indian IT companies grabbed 86% of the total H1B visa issued. Companies like Infosys, TCS and Wipro file applications for their employees to be deputed in US for onsite work. Last year regulations regarding H1B visa were amended which now require the Indian companies to pay at least an additional $4,000 for every H-1B visa application.
    Since last few years, as many as , five times applications are received and visa is being decided by lottery.
    The Indian IT workers who are lucky, get H1B visa and thus get an opportunity to work in US. The Indian workers, work hard there and become able to save money. Few of them get a chance to get direct employment in the US companies also.
    The US companies remain happy as they have to pay less to such Indian workers compared to what they have to pay to their local American counterparts.

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    Working outside is an attraction in both way for IT people. There is lot of difference in income, and also visiting a new place is certainly an added attraction. Many a time it will the company itself sending the employee outside in order to consult with their clients in person.
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    There is a illusion in the minds of working professionals in IT sector that if they go and have work at on site they would be under the direct guidance of management and watched for performance and equally paid well. Where as when they are working under the lower managerial level, the real cream de la cream layer working ability of many employees are not passed to the real management and hence laxity in promotion and transfer. There are employees who are being wantedly kept at different locations in India to deny them having access to their home town and thus vexed with that attitude many employees are opting for greener pastures to onsite jobs.
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    The main reason why people prefer to go Onsite is the money that they get from this opportunity. Other realistic reasons related to work are that they get an opportunity to work with the clients closely. At one point it becomes very tiring to coordinate things via phone itself. I have had the same problems. It becomes very difficult to make them understand the situations here. And also this happens when it comes to requirement gathering. The clients will be in a different frequency and the people who work in the project will be in a different frequency.

    In order to match both the client and the developers, it is necessary that people should be working together. Another reason is that client will not be spending enough time with the developers explaining the requirement. If they meet in one place the client will have no other option than sitting together and analyze the requirement. Or else the client will get busy with other priorities. On site is not just a opportunity to earn money but it also helps in keeping the requirement and client relationship perfect.

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