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    Have you ever got stuck while performing Sirshasana?

    Yogasana is excellent both for body and mind. Many people are addicted to Yogasana and in India, many people do this without proper instruction from qualified instructor. The result of performing Yogasana may be dangerous and hilarious (both at the same time)!

    One of my relatives became a Yogasana fan way back in early seventies. He learnt Yogasana from reading the books of Manohar Aich (who left the world last month) and used to practise everyday in the morning. One day, he got stuck in Sirshasana. Other family members came to know about it almost after 10 minutes. Despite various methods applied on him, he could not come out of this peculiar state. Then somehow he was taken to Calcutta Medical College (fortunately just beside the house) in a taxi by 10-12 family members and neighbours. After lots of effort, somehow the attending doctors managed to bring him out of this awkward condition. Although the scene was extremely hilarious for others, the doctors told the family-members that the condition was extremely dangerous and he could have died any time.

    So, readers! Please don't try to perform Sirshasana on your own. Do this in presence of qualified instructors only.
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    Well I am not aware of the particular asana referred by the author but from the content it is very clear that when we do not know the things properly, it should not be practiced and that would be even dangerous for our life.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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