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    Gap between library and digital library in schools and colleges. Which is better?

    In our school days we used to spend most of the time at library with lot of fun and informative books. The charming of reading at Library is completely unique which I never forget in my life. The discipline of book keeping, pin drop silence atmosphere, browsing story books of Charles Dickens, Panchatantra, comics of chacha chowdhury, Nagaraj, etc are really unforgettable moments of my school library.
    The benefits of old days school library is, the students at first learn discipline of seating calmly and reading anything constantly for an hour without anyone's interruption. Second thing is the book keeping technique; every time you search a particular book you'll find it a same place. There are so many things about library which I think my author friends will post here.
    Coming to Digital library, there is no chance for students to move shelf to shelf to search a book. The students are carrying their library in their laptop. They may get million of information and knowledge in one touch, but never understand and feel the charm of original books at libraries.
    What you say in this concert? Which is memorial and which is best? What're the drawbacks of both?
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    As far as libraries are concerned, we are passing through a transition phase. The digitation of the books is likely to totally replace the physical books system in due course. Whenever a new technology is introduced, it takes some time in total replacement of the existing/prevailing system. Take the example of the old chemical film rolls and cameras. People used to go to the studios, for getting the film developed and photographs getting printed. With the advent of digital cameras, only printing is required , that too, not in all the cases. Mostly people use the electronic version or soft copies of the pictures to circulate or post on their social sites.
    Computers can be said to synonyms of structured and organized systems. Even in the physical library system, the modern classification and indexing of books is done through computerized systems only. Perhaps without International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) systems, it will not be possible to manage the unfathomable books world.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Books are assets and library is a memorial. The place itself will teach us a lot of things as mentioned by the author. There are lot of famous libraries located in our country. As a book lover i love the smell of the books and the physical touch of the books gives me an immense pleasure while I the hold the book and read it.

    The modern technology has brought a big revolution and digital libraries are one of the examples of the modernization of technology. Digital libraries makes everything simpler. Searching a book and getting a book is easy through digital libraries. The books are now available in pdf formats and other file formats and can be easily read through PC's and mobile phones. But reading the digital copies of the book does not gives the real feel of reading a physical copy of the book.

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    I personally feel there is not much difference between a normal library and a digital library. I too used to read story books etc,. in library when I am in school. In my opinion, the only advantage a normal library has when compared to a digital library is maintaining silence which helps in a faster understanding of what we are reading.

    Let us continue learning.

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    For me Physical books in a library bring more interest to learn, although I can not avoid the benefits of e-library as we can find a lot many things at same place, where as in Physical books we need to follow a lot of books as well as need to spend a lot of money. But by reading physical books it brings more personalized happiness and I catch more things quickly and easy to remember.\
    But now days due to digitization every body preferring e-library. As you can easily share it with your friends, for your doubts or to help them.

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    Yes those who are accustomed to read books physically, they are not getting habituated to digital libraries which cannot assure interaction with others. When we were in school and college, the library was agog with activities as we used to exchange the books which we needed and thus those I want I used to have and those my friends wants they used to have. Thus there would be group between us and lots of books are exchanged between us. By giving and taking of books, there was a personal boding blossoming among us. But that is surely missing in the digital library. We are alone and that loneliness kills the very interest of reading.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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