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    Why Indian parents wanted their children to score high marks?

    I have seen two scenarios in my life.

    1. A guy scored high marks in his board exams and he joined a very good reputed engineering college. After completing his engineering, he got a job in a top MNC through campus placement and is now earning a lump sum salary every month.

    2. Another guy scored very low marks in his board exam. Almost all the engineering colleges refused to give a seat for his marks. So he decided to do a diploma course. After completing his diploma course, he joined a small company and earned a descent salary. He gained lot of experience and then he started his own business. Now he is an entrepreneur.

    After seeing these 2 scenarios, my mind started to overthink. Both are in a good position and are earning well. The first one is getting salary but the second one is giving salary. The first one is facing a lot of mental stress in his job and the second one has a job satisfaction and is enjoying his job. On comparing these two scenarios I came to a conclusion that marks are not a deciding factor to finalize a person's career.

    There are lot of such examples available in the society and the parents are also aware of that. But still many parents wanted their children to score high marks. They are admitting their children in coaching classes and are handling many other ways to score high marks. All these actions of parents are creating a stress in the children's mind. Why parents are in such a mind set? Why they are forcing their children to score good marks?
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    Now admission to engineering colleges is not based on the percentage of the marks scored at 10+2 level. Instead, competitive examinations are conducted and admission decisions are taken on the basis of scores obtained in the competitive examination. There was a provision to give some weightage to the marks scored at 10+2 level in the JEE, but even the same is proposed to be withdrawn in coming years.
    As far as success in life is concerned, there are many cases wherein even the illiterate individuals achieve unparalleled success.
    There is generally a kind of rat race or a herd mentality among the students and their parents to score high in the board examinations. But up to a large extent, that is not in vain also. A very score in the board examinations do indicate that the student had been hard working, determined, consistent, focused, dedicated and didn't wasted his/her time in roaming around aimlessly and running after oasis of a girlfriend in the mirage of college.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Interesting! However, the number of people who make a success of their lives despite failing to do well academically is proportionally lower than those who find success in both. Yes, there are a lot of stories of successful men who started off as failures (school dropouts), but it is not for everyone to emulate them.

    It takes a tremendous amount of mental resolution to achieve something in life, despite the odds. Sending out a message that it is fine to be an underachiever, can be ethically wrong.

    Those who fail to score well in school and gradually build a successful career also have to undergo a lot of struggle. Nothing comes laid on a platter – everyone has to work towards their success. One needs various resources to start a business. Not everyone can manage funds to begin a business venture. Not everyone can handle the physical, emotional and mental stress that one has to endure in running a business.

    Parents want their children to score high marks because of the prevalent admission system for undergraduate courses. Even a uniform admission pattern, across the country, will not change how things are, for parents will continue to push their children to excel in the common entrance/aptitude tests they appear for. It is a vicious circle.

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    What I think regarding this matter is, when the now a days parents are children, the marks defined the knowledge. In those days, students who scored more marks were likely to be successful. Every parent want their children to be successful without having any problems. So, they suggest their children to score higher marks with a motive to make their children successful. There are some parents who just force their children to score higher marks and this behavior led to some suicides too. There are some parents who won't suggest their children to score higher marks. Instead, they suggest their children to gain more knowledge.

    Let us continue learning.

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    This is nothing just a mind set, as the best college always take those students who is having good score and highest score.
    SO parents think by studying in a good college will bring more opportunity to get a good job, but in current scenario, less scorer are also getting good success in their career, as this school or college study is much more difference from real life struggling and working condition.
    who ever have watched the Bollywood movie "3 Idiots", must be knowing the concept of movie, that skill is much more important than the knowledge.
    SO focus on a particular things and get expertise as per your liking .

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    Every parent is spending huge money on the eduction and it is but natural that their expectations are high from their children to excel with great marks. Now a days every student in a class of 40 is getting 90 marks in each subject. But the cream de la cream in the same class gets 97 to 99 marks in each subjects in the same class. So the parents are not interested in their child scoring just 90 marks in each subject. They want him to be in the bracket of those big performers. Even in the society those who secured top grades are solicited and respected. So it has become imperative for the parents also to demand good marks from their child and thus the competition increases.
    K Mohan
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    India is a developing country, and most of the family here are in middle class. When a child born in a family, their first and foremost imagination is to make their child a doctor, engineer, good teacher/professor, scientist, etc. Mind it all these are services; s/he may be an engineer but must to work for a company, he might be a scientist but must to serve himself for a company/industry/country, etc. No one wants to make their children a good entrepreneur. Even if you encounter the stories of big young entrepreneurs they're too sent great universities to study only. Business is not their prime choice. Some young entrepreneurs are doing social services in India, even though they belong to billionaire families.
    This is just a mindset of people and the intention of score high means to get a good job immediately after completion of education. It's because there is no other option in country. Our states and country is under billion dollars debt at World Bank, that's why the government also creating employments in contractual basis. This is because; government is incapable to pay the full-timers as per the pay commission. There are so many reasons, due to which parents just need a good score, so that their children could get a good job in future.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    The only intention in this is that the family wants their child to be in a best position of life from were he gets everything in a second, and not have to face any burden in life.
    live happily in every situation of life

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