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    Good place to visit but not to purchase any item..

    Hello Friends,

    Last week end we had visited orion mall in Bangalore. Its good in cleanliness and security, but to buy any small item middle income people should think twice. The items or toys or clothing's are above at least 100 rs. I just went to kids mall and selected one pair of socks the price of it was 199 rs. The same socks in other malls like big bazaar has four pair socks for 199 rs. All the clothing and even jewellery items are also so costly. Its a place to visit like a tourist place but not affordable for middle age income people. Later we just visited the entire mall and didn't go to buy any item because it was so costly My goddddd so costly.
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    My experience with buying stuff from Big Bazaar has been bad. I am in the habit of buying edible items in bulk. There is generally an unopened packet/tin/bottle/carton of every edible item in use at my place. That means, when I empty contents of a bag of wheat flour into the tin, I will have a standby bag lying in store. The same goes for every other item in my pantry.

    On a number of occasions I have found food items to be infested with weevils and moths, and these were branded items, well within the best-before date.

    I once bought a pack of sports socks from the store, but they did not last me that long.

    Big Bazaar however, is good for branded electronic goods.

    It is best to shop at big malls when the stores have a sale on. You get branded products at less than half the price. You are at least certain of the quality of products that you are buying.

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    The prices inside the malls vary. A cheap item available outside might be very costly inside the mall or market and vice versa. In my tiny town, Reliance has opened a market. Most of the home appliances are dead cheap and best. Once I just wondered to see a lemon costing Rs. 8/- per piece inside the Reliance Market while it was available in the local market for Rs. 3/- per piece. One need to carry out a survey before attempting to go for marketing inside a mall.
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    Malls are the best place for window shopping. The products which they offer will be very costly and are of low quality. The shop owners have to pay their rents, Wi-Fi cost and other miscellaneous expenses. To satisfy their own needs and to get profit they sell their products in a high cost.

    I have purchased some products from the branded shops in Malls and are completely of no use now.

    Malls are definitely a place to visit and not to purchase!

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    Many people visit malls for sightseeing only. Many even don't window shop. When the relatives and friends visit from the neighboring towns, they make it a point to visit malls also like museums etc. Most of the students spend their weekends in malls only. Those who are smarter, even visit branded clothes store and not only window shop, but even fulfill their fantasies by wearing branded clothes of their dreams in trial rooms albeit for few minutes only. Many just visit the washrooms to inspect the level of cleanliness maintained there.
    The prices of commodities are higher in the malls due to several reasons. The first being the maintenance cost which includes wages of the cleaning staff and security staff, huge electricity bills for running the centralized air conditioning systems etc. Also, generally superior brands are made available in the reputed malls compared to the wares available with footpath vendors and the typical market in the older part of the city.
    Only smartness is required for enjoying the malls on the part of those who don't want to shop there. It is not compulsory.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Many of us with the mentality that if a product sold in a big shop, it must be good in quality. My cousin brother used to buy vegetables and fruits only from the big Air conditioned shop called 'pazhamudhir solai' though his house is very near to wholesale market for vegetables and fruits. His content is they are selling rotton items along with good one so,the price in such markets are low. Of course, these phazhamuthirsolai and such shops are selling after cleaning etc., but pricing along with the carriage charges, AC, staff salary etc., Is it justified one for an average income person? Actually where the sales is large the price must be less for any product but the economics of such big malls are reversed. A man went to a hotel and found the coffee was so taste so, he asked the server to call the manager of the hotel to complain about the taste of coffee. The server calmly told him,"Sir, he gone to the opposite hotel for his coffee". Like this, as told by the author, we can go and enjoy the area with AC in the hot summer without buying anything and will go to the our own market to buy our items.

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    Please remember if a store or a grand mall was fully decorated and looks elegantly well and good from outside, take it granted that the cost of the items must be more than expected. For example at the cost 350 one can get a good jeans pant. But there are show rooms in Hyderabad Kachiguda area with lots of lighting and loud music to attract and they kept attractive sales girls to sell gents jeans and thus the rates are above 800 and they are giving spot discount of 10 percent. So youngsters are more carried away by the show put up by the shop and every customer is losing money by shopping there, but still the youth makes it a point to buy from there.
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    About eight years back, when these shopping malls etc,. are new to me and my friends, a Spencer's shopping mall was constructed near our school. Most of my friends used to go inside the mall and roam for sometime and get out. I too wanted to do that then but my parents didn't allow. I asked them to take me there once to which they said the prices are high there. Yes, some malls are providing products for high prices which are not in the reach of middle class people. But, some of them provide high quality products. The high price is due to the inclusion of mall maintenance etc,. It is better to shop in a mall after knowing the prices and quality in some other malls and outside.

    Let us continue learning.

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