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    What's wrong with our laws? Ridiculous judgements going on nowadays.

    It's really shame and ridiculous to know the judgements given in India in various situations. One of the incidents is the case of a 23 year old tribal girl who abducted, raped and got pregnant. After 20 weeks of pregnancy the court advises to go for abortion; which is extremely unhealthy and unlawful as per Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1973. What you think on this judgement?
    Second case is about Salman Khan who has acquitted in chinkara killing case 18 years ago in September 26 1998; the judgement is on behalf of Salman now. There is a humour get viral in social media as the deer did suicide after seeing Salman Khan.
    Third incident is about Puri Jagannath temples priests those who were arrested due to many negligences in temple and worshipping, now they are praised and gifted with 2crore rupees to each priest. How shameful it is!!
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    Law is said to be blind. The judgements are based on the evidence and witnesses only. It may tantamount to the contempt of the court in case it is said that any particular court has passed wrong judgement.
    Also, the law is not a cup of tea for a common citizen like most of us. One has to understand as to what are the principles of the law and how it works.
    Also, a basic concept of Jurisprudence is that no innocent should be punished even if 100 culprits may let go free.
    Having said that, we have to admit that there are many areas where value addition or improvement is required in the administration of law. Recently, we have seen that the Chief Justice of India had cried in the presence of the Prime Minister on certain issues, primarily the filling of the vacant posts of the judges and creation of more posts of the judicial officers for a speedier administration of justice.
    There is an exceptional provision in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1973 which allows abortion even after 24 weeks if there is a threat to the life of the mother.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As I don't have the good habit of reading newspapers, I don't know the first and third news. What really makes me feel bad is the Salman Khan issue. I don't hate him as an actor but when I came to know about the comment he recently did, the car accident issue etc., it really made me think about whether he is a good person or not. In our corrupted government, there is less chance for justice. And, I oppose the 'An innocent should not be punished even if hundred culprits escape' concept.

    Let us continue learning.

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    @ NAresh Kumar Behera.
    I am agree with these two first statement. You can not blame the judiciary system, as they work by getting the witness and documents only. This is the mistake of the lawyer who does not present the right documents and witness as per the defend lawyer.
    And one more thing I would like to object, The priest from Jagannath Temple got Rs 2 Crore fr total sebayat ( Priest who worship Lord Jagannath). and they are 180 Families.
    As they warn the political and administrative team not to follow proper worship and duties ( as that can not be done by any one else), so Government afraid and provide them what ever they demand.
    Believe me as this is about belief of Hinduism not to disobey the words of Brahmin, so we need to change our selves.
    Can you stop visiting Temple, can you spread the same words with your surroundings, if any priest try to loot you?

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    I have read about the first two cases in newspapers. I am not aware of the third referred case.
    Let us not sit in judgement just by reading some random sketches given in media. The courts decide on cases not by any personal opinion, but by the evidences and witnesses brought in front of it. It also hears the arguments put forth by both side lawyers regarding legal aspects and precedents.

    In the first case I read that the court obtained reports from a panel of doctors and from that it was convinced that the life of the pregnant woman is in danger. There are precedents in other countries where MTP is allowed. By considering all aspects the court had given the order to save the life of woman.
    In the second case also court has taken decision by the evidences and legal aspects brought before it convincingly.
    I am not aware of the third case(Puri).
    There are various avenues for the parties to appeal .There may be some still available.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    The people are watching the court judgements and they are tight lipped to say anything against it because law is law and the judges are interpreting the cases purely on production of evidence and they cannot pronounce judgement based on public expectations and so on. In many cases the lower court judgements were over thrown and status quo maintained. Is that mean the judges at lower court are unfit to gauge the cases ? In India there are always possibilities to influence the courts and turn the judgements with so many interference. Even the police can turn the serious case to nothing by not producing the evidence under the pretext of outside intervention. What I feel that every major judgement announced by the court must go through a ombudsman who must go through the judgement from both the side and give final verdict. In that case there cannot be criticism or doubts in the public mind.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Judiciary is immune to extraneous considerations. Judges are not supposed to be influenced by what is happening outside while giving judgments. They are strictly guided by the principles of jurisprudence and they decide cases based on the evidence brought before them and interpreting the applicable legal provisions. One may not agree with what a Judge says about a particular case but please do understand that judicial assessments seldom go wrong. The rationale behind judgments in the cited cases has already been explained by our members in the responses above. With the influence of the media and social networking sites, we have started donning the caps of investigating officers and judges and that is why we feel that some judgments ought to have been different.
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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