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    How a daily diary should be written?should their be any fix criteria for it or left on authors will?

    Many people like to write daily diary I also decided to write daily diary, but whenever I began to write diary but my pen never stops after writing daily routine and so many thoughts which comes to my mind.
    How a diary should be written should their be any fix criteira or it should be completely left on the authors will how he/she wants to write diary?
    What are your thoughts on writing diary is it a good habbit or it is just a waste of time?
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    Different people write diaries for different purposes. There are certain professions like legal practice, where dates are very important as the cases are heard on pre-fixed dates. Similarly, the professionals who need to fix appointments e.g. doctors, dentists etc. have to essentially maintain diaries. In cases of even more busy professionals and highly placed bureaucrats etc., private secretaries maintain such diaries.
    Many housewives maintain diaries for keeping milkman or washerman/laundry wallah records, besides such other routine type of household matters.
    During my service period, I maintained diaries regularly in which I used to record important data regarding official activities for preparing reports later.
    Regarding maintaining private diaries, care should be taken to not to record too intimate details. Nobody knows as to what repercussions such details may make later, even after many years in the life.
    There is perhaps no fixed criteria for writing private diaries. It is totally up to the author to choose as to what to write and what to not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't have the habit of writing diary but, I once planned on writing diary and created some criteria to be followed by myself. With further thinking, the entire criteria reduced to a single point.
    Write about the incidents which caused extreme emotions.
    That emotion may be happy, sad, anger etc,. Many studies proved that recollecting incidents of our past helps in improving memory power. Reading your diary helps in recollecting some incidents which are not mentioned in it also. If you can spare time for writing diary everyday, you can start it from today itself.

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    There is no hard and fast rule on how to write and maintain diary on daily basis. Some people have the habit of writing only income and expenses on daily basis. Some people have the habit of writing hourly happenings in the day and that would become a record of sorts for future. Some people only writing important events or actions to be taken in future. For example if mid term fees has to be paid in so and so month, that would be alerted and written there. Therefore writing diary is purely a personal interest matter and there cannot be guidance or prompting. One thing is sure there is saying in Hindi. Sau bako ek liko- means say many but writing something is always worth while.
    K Mohan
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    Your diary is for your use only, therefore you are the master of how it should be written, how often you want to write and what all you want to write. Just be sure that if you are including something which you wouldn't want anyone to see ever, then ensure to keep your diary hidden or locked away safely when you aren't writing.
    Reading old diary posts is a truly wonderful experience. I first started writing a diary when I was waiting for my 10th board results and was really tensed and wanted to pen my feelings down. However I am not a regular with my entries and write only when I feel like it. My closest entries have been a day apart and furthest entries have been more than a year apart. As you can imagine, with this rate of writing, I am still using the same diary I started out with in class 10th and I have only reached the month of August. However, sometimes when I go through some old post that is over a decade old, I am surprized to see what all occupied my mind back then and I am usually lost in nostalgia.
    (P.S. This post has made me want to write another diary entry)


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