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    Why people believe in myths about money plant?

    Many people believe that they can become richer by planting a stolen branches or cuttings of the money plant.
    There are many myths associated with money plant. Handing over money plant or its cuttings to others symbolises giving our wealth to them. It is also said that the economic conditions of a household are likely to deteriorate if downward growing branches of money plant are found.
    I personally don't believe in such myths and the objective of raising this thread is to discuss and try to remove such superstitious beliefs.
    Had it been so simple then only planting stolen cuttings of money plant in each household of India would have been sufficient to transform it into a developed country.
    What are your comments about the subject matter?
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    I have been hearing this since many years. Money plant must be nurtured in every home. That the plant must be alive and it should not die. The plant must take up route level and should not go down. The plant must have bigger leaves and it should not have brown leaves ie with less chlorophyll. All these things have been told by the elders. In India we have the tradition of following elders. What is the benefit we got and how far we were successful is not the matter here, it is said by the elders and we are following and that is the criteria. I have seen some money plants with the big size leaves extending up to the size of Badam tree leaves. The soil should be red.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Reason, people would blindly do anything for sake of money. No matter how stupid the ritual is, they'd do it.
    But planting money plants is a good work right. We are planting plants which would be benevolent to everyone. Additionally it adds to the beauty of your house.
    When you look rich, you believe you are rich, and when you believe, nothing is impossible.

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    Planting a money plant does not bring you success or make you rich. Just giving an example, an apple a day keep doctor away. That does not mean you will never face any kind of disease, or stay healthy if you eat only apple and nothing else. This need to be a part of your balanced food. Similarly there are some positive impact by keeping a money plant in your home, as you will become responsible to make it alive, and then you will become a responsible person to take decision as well as to make a strategy and that will bring you success and money.
    Only money plant cant give you anything except some oxygen during photosynthesis process.

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    Keeping money plant at home might be causing something like a placebo effect. The people having strong beliefs even in ineffectual systems, sometimes get benefitted indirectly.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Like money plant, there are many other plants which we can keep inside/outside home, like basil, jasmine, rosemary, orchids, roses etc. However as per Feng-Shui Science, scindapsus aureus (money plant) is highly effective in controlling air pollution and purifies the air from the chemicals used in furniture and floor/room cleaning materials. If you keep a money plant nearby your TV or computer it will keep motivating, controlling your mind cool and calm every time. Why it is called as money plant is; when a person leaves healthy, s/he will be wealthy always. There is no other meaning of coming money or additional income in such cases. It's just a plant that activates positive energy in each and every member of the family throughout the day. I've seen many people plant it outside their veranda and/or doors/windows, which is lesser benefit than keeping it inside.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Our ancestors introduced some traditions and most of them serve a good purpose. We may not know what it is but they serve a good purpose. I used to think all these traditions etc,. are good for nothing. Some years back, I came to know that some of them can be explained scientifically. Now I believe that most of them can be explained scientifically someday. I follow only the traditions to which I know the scientific/statistical explanation. So, I won't follow this money plant tradition until I know a scientific explanation and I believe that a scientific explanation is not possible in this case.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Let me narrate my own experience with Money Plant. Someone told me that if a money plant is stolen from a rich man's house and planted in our home, we would also become rich like that rich man. What I thought was - What if I take a money plant from a bank that has many crores of rupees! Yes. I could locate 'Dena Bank' in my location where it had a large money plant. I took a branch of it secretly and planted it in my house. Surely, the plant grew well with many branches and has become a nuisance in my balcony. However, my bank balance was limited to my salary only. I could not become a millionaire or multi-millionaire then. To my great astonishment, now, after many long years, I am a multi-millionaire. (A million is only 10 lacs). Having just property or cash worth 20 lacs raises us to 'Multi Millionaire' status.
    No life without Sun ¤

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