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    Group Discussion " Is grading system is better than the conventional marking system?"

    I have have a confusion on that which system is better in the study that is the "marking system" is better" or "Grading system is better".
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    The grading system was introduced very recently owing to misuse of marking system by gullible people and thus to protect the interest of the students, the government has introduced grading system. Previously when marking system was there the educational institutions would make it public and there was fierce competition among the students and those who got high marks were hijacked by coaching Institutes and they have literally purchased their marks for a price and used to advertise in the papers that the said student was qualified from their institute by taking coaching classes. Such practices made other students to approach those institutes for their better prospects and thus ranks were used for personal gain by Institutes. Thus the government stopped giving marks and the grading system was introduced in which the marks are concealed and by arriving at GPA the results are announced. This is good system and has wide approval.
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    The title of the topic itself is grammatically incorrect. How this 'group discussion' can be carried forward? Perhaps instead of launching a group discussion, the author should have raised a simple thread on the subject matter to clear his doubts.
    Anway, in an absence of any specific answer to the question raised, the topic is a good one for initiating any group discussion. Proponents of the either systems will always be at daggers drawn to put forth logical comments.
    In my opinion, neither the marking system nor the grading system is better. Instead, the system of doing hard work in studies without any distraction toward time wasting mundane activities is best.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Earlier there were only two systems; pass and fail. At that time the strength is less, so it was easy to differentiate candidate who passed and who failed. Later as strength increased in every school and college, the mark system implemented; as 35 for pass, 50 for second division and 60 for first division. Then, third division created to make another group of students who scored >=40 & >50. After that grading system started to categorise the candidates very easily without mentioning the marks. Now the grades are like E, D, C, B, A, & O. During government jobs both marks and grade is required. During appearing the entrance exams, they can apply as per their grade/mark, however at the time of interview the candidates are chosen as per their overall mark and sort list accordingly.
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    Grading system is introduced for the purpose of encouraging students. Sometimes, students who scored a 90 and a 95 respectively are compared by some people. Both scored better marks and there is no need for comparison. If there is a grading system, both of them get the same grade and there is no chance for comparison. Sometimes, students who scored a 35 and a 70 respectively are compared by some people. They may say that one student is two times better than the other student which is wrong. If there is a grading system, they get an A and a D respectively which makes the above mentioned two times comparison wrong.

    Sometimes, grading system may discourage a student. In the first year of my engineering, I got a 9.8/10 GPA with 1120/1200 marks and another student got a 9.9/10 GPA with 1100/1200 marks. Even though I scored more marks, he scored more GPA and emerged as first ranker. As studying is not only about getting the first rank, its okay, for me at least. I saw many students who get discouraged if things like this happen to them. Anyways, these are rare cases. I prefer grading system to the marking system.

    A piece of advice to the author and the voters : The managing editor mentioned not to create a poll or vote for a poll in this thread.

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    I have question from #572854. The question is that, If a student got 91 marks and another got 99 marks but both the student got the same grade, so the student who got the max. marks in the exam but he/ she got the same grade as compare to the 91 marks . what is the default of the student that he / she got she grade as compare to 91 and 99 marks in grading system.
    Saket singh
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