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    Which system out of three - escalators, elevators and stairs - is safer to use?

    Every reflected about whether it is safer to use the staircase, an elevator or an escalator? Check out the unique opinions expounded in this forum thread.

    Most of the houses have stairs and therefore people are accustomed of using the same. Nowadays many people live in apartments, where lifts or elevators are installed and one has to use the same in any case for accessing higher floors.

    Escalators entered India later, though nowadays the same are installed even at railway stations. Many people consider themselves modern just by riding an escalator inside shopping malls etc. and there are people who feel claustrophobia inside an elevator.

    Unfortunate accidents sometimes take place involving elevators and escalators, though many people have got seriously injured or killed/maimed by falling on stairs also.

    Which system out of three i.e. escalators, elevators and stairs, is safer to use?
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    Most of the people are unaware of using easy technologies like elevators and escalators. As per my concern lift/elevator has more chances of risk in contrast to escalators. This is because; there are very fewer incidents occurred in escalators as it is open and easy to walk over it when electricity fails or due to machinery problems. However in lifts, many people are getting stuck daily in various reasons, may be electricity problem, lift jam, overloads, switch problem, etc. So, if any old age persons, patients, handicaps staying in your residential building or apartment or any office building, then they must know/aware of the condition of lifts before step in.
    Stairs are always safer for healthy people. I always use stairs in case of 2-3 storied buildings, not more than that. Ha ha...

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    Stairs are considered the safest since there is no machinery involved. However, stairs (I think) cause the most accidents/injuries. At least, I have come across more people getting hurt using the stairway than I have heard of injuries occurring with the use of elevators and escalators.

    I, myself had a bad fall, just a few days back, when I slipped, on a new, very slippery, granite slab, covering a step. This was my second fall, on a step, in about three months. The previous fall happened on the approach pathway to the beach – it was dimly lit and I did not see the spot where the concrete floor plunged into a step (the area was supposed to be marked with white paint, but filth covered it). I must admit, I have had many falls climbing up and coming down the stairs. However, I continue to use the stairs, to my home (I live on the seventh floor), as part of my exercise routine.

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    Well I consider stairs as many of us will agree with me that using stairs will not only be the safest one but also the healthier one.
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    In my opinion, safety in Escalators > Stairs > Elevators. Escalators are less likely to cause problems as they stop only when electricity fails. But, people can walk and get to the level/floor they need to reach when electricity fails. There are many people who do not know about escalators and so, they are afraid of them. I see many people in railway stations with escalators who couldn't climb the escalator out of fear. I remember this funny incident which happened last year. In a railway station, people crowded at the start of an escalator but no one could climb it as they are afraid. So, the operator shut the escalator down which made those people to start walking on it i.e. climbing its steps. Then, the operator started the escalator. I was surprised with this idea. In case of stairs, they are safe and also help us do some physical exercise but they may be dangerous if they are wet etc,. If elevators are considered, almost all of us might have heard people getting stuck inside elevators etc,. cases. So, escalators are safer than stairs which are safer than elevators.

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    Modern techniques are used to have comfort for the public. Since many people are having laziness to go up by stair case, the lifts are introduced. But due to shortage of space and it wont carry more than specified persons and even cargo cannot be taken in, escalators or elevators are brought in. In big malls when purchasers would enter in big number and they would return with big bags of items purchased, it would be difficult for them to move with them. Hence escalators would be of greater help. But what I feel that those who are living in two floors building, should not depend on lift. They must learn to walk by stair case and it is the good exercise to keep fit;.
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    Stairs - Good for all ages to maintain good health.
    Elevators - Good for the old
    Escalators - Good for all ages for joy but unfit for the fearful and shaky people.

    I always try to use the lift to go up and use the stairs to come down. I use the escalators in malls and railway stations which take no time to reach the next floor.

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