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    Indians obsessed with complexion

    We Indians are so much obsessed with one's complexion. Most of them love being fair and people with fair complexion. And often, the one with a little darker in color is made fun of, teased, insulted. A person being dark might be very good at heart and a person being fair might be very cunning and selfish. We all know complexion is not a inner beauty but still people have this stereotypes. I have seen people who prefer to make friends only with good looking fair person and avoid the dark person. Such discrimination should be stopped as all are equal and the color of the skin has nothing to do with a person and it is just their skin color.
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    Apartheid is a classical example of racial discrimination based on the color of skin. However, in many parts of the world, there are dark skinned people only. Such societies have their own beauty norms etc. and I don't think it is possible for them to accord preference to the white skinned people.
    In the Indian mythology, the main deities including Rama, Krishna, and Shiva are not portrayed as having fair complexion.
    Generally, fair complexion is associated by the people with the genes and genetics.
    I personally find high educated intellectuals as having more magnetic personalities than a white skinned mannequin.
    In my opinion, outward beauty is possible only when inner beauty exists. Without inner beauty, the individual is likely to appear as an artificial jewelry which has nil or insignificant value though looks appealing.

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    Its not only Indians, but rather people all over the world are obsessed with the color of their skin. Preference for lighter skin color is prevelant in all Asian, African and South American countries. On the other hand, countries which have a majority of caucasian population are obsessed with tanning and having a slightly darker skin tone. I guess its a case of wanting to have what one doesn't have or that which is not common.
    The origination of preference to fair skin tone in Asian countries arose long time back when pale skin tone suggested royalty who didn't have to step out in the sun while dark skin tones suggested the working class who toiled in the heat. Unfortunately, this preference has stuck around until even now when we have comparative equality amongst people.
    The advertisements for fairness products only reiterate these social standards of beauty. I find it very sad that many actors and actresses endorse such products just for the sake of money and thus help in further propagating the skewed beauty standards in our country.


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    I would say this is a cheap mentality. Being an Indian specially if anyone run behind the fairness is foolishness. Here, I remember a nice Tamil song - "karupputhaan ennaku pudicha..." meaning "black is my favourite colour". The reasons are mentioned in this song is beautiful and touching. One must listen to this song.

    In a country where God is called "Shyam sundar" (black beauty), we worship lord Vishnu, Siva, Krishna, Rama, all are not fair. Still, if we have these kind of thinking, what one can comment for that!

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    This obsession can be seen in many other countries too. I still don't understand why to categorize people based on their color if there is no good result due to it. I recently saw an ad in which a black man is thrown into a washing machine by a white woman and that man comes out as a white man. I think that ad is banned now. In a movie I saw once, a black man can say the following to a white woman. "I have the color of hair on the top of your head. I have the color of the eye through which you see the world. You have the color of the bottom of my foot. So, respect black people." which is hilarious.
    No offence meant!
    Anyways, discrimination of people based on their color should not be encouraged.

    Let us continue learning.

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    The obsessions, adulations, are all there all over the world. The reasons, the objects and parameters may vary. While the black and brown would like to have fair skin, the white skinned people get their skin tanned !
    People use different colours to dye their hair. In India hair turning copper like or brown before ultimately turning grey and white is feared. However there are people who colour their black hairs to brown.
    The basic line is we long for what we do not have, and hate what we naturally have. It is the proverbial 'far away fowls have fair feathers'.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Whether we agree or not Indians are obsessed with complexion and those who are having fair and good looking ,they are liked and followed by more. But I feel that color of person is the God's gift and one should not belittle others on that account. In Tamil there is a saying that " Karuppay Azhaghu, Kandhalay rusi" the meaning for that , black is beautiful and the residue present while preparing rice upma is always tasteful. That black matter stuck the utensil or kadai is always tasteful. So black has many followers too and liked by many. Never mind about that complaints.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    This is a normal practice. It is not about fair complexion, this is the mind set of color. Normally we like white not because a person si fair. in every aspect we love white as this brings positive thoughts in mind, and black is referred as dark night or shadow which brings fear and afraid to a person.
    Similarly we love Green but not red.
    Green is a good symbol where as Red is a danger symbol. That is the main reason people love fair person. Nothing else, If we talk about human choice and behavior , it was happened in previous days, where as people now do not care about the skin color.

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    I totally agree with the topic raised by the author about our society and its obsession with the complexion.
    This is not a thing seen in teasing and making fun of dark complexioned peoples in day to day life but has a big and hidden aspect and no one think about it. It is the television and advertising business of beauty products which not only supports this point of view but also advertise and had given a glamour to this thought of fair people having superiority in society.
    Advertising industry has supported this mentality and this point of view and has provided it a glamorization, every advertise we watch on television about any beauty products it is always related to fair complexion.
    Our society has made beauty and fair complexion as one and no one differentiates these two things all the creativity of a add maker ends here and the last thing they do is beautifully advertise fairness as the only one aspect of beauty.
    Instead of teaching children that they should accept themselves as the way they are born and they look beautiful in the body and the colour they have and beauty is not defined by colour,shape and sizes.
    Through this type of advertising campaigns we are teaching them to mold themselves according to this kind of thinking if they want to lead a respectful life.
    Because in our society beauty is defined in terms of colour,shape and size of a person not by his nature and behaviour.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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