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    Error in calculation of points.

    It appears that the calculation - mechanism is not working properly. In the morning, prior to submission of my contributions, points appeared as 6333 and later on when I contributed 15 points on different forums, instead of recording the points as 6348, it is being shown as 6333. Is there any scope of correction without hinting the same? I don't like the way of drawing your attention every time, when the anamoly appears.
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    Even I faced the same kind of issue were my points got deducted. I had 1967 in the morning and I contributed and I received 9 points. After I re-calculated, my points got reduced to 1964. I felt it strange but I thought my points must be deducted for something. But I am not sure why it is deducted.

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    We will inform the Webmasters. It maybe a technical glitch.
    Managing Editor,

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    I think your problem is addressed. When we take the browser to your rank level it says 6351 points and the point table is corrected now.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    No, sir, the points have not been compensated so far. The extra points being seen are the additions of extra points alloted as a result of my response to Ask - experts columns and again I made a response in Resource - section fetching me 6 points in today - morning.

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