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    Why do people scream and talk

    Some people talk very softly which is very nice to hear. There are some people who scream and talk loudly even if the person whom they are communicating is right next to them. This is really annoying and disturbing others especially in work place.
    What can be done with such people? Even after asking them to talk softly many times, they repeat it and seems not to be bothered of others around them.
    How to make them understand that it is disturbing and very very annoying?
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    Each individual is unique and is a product of many factors singular to him/her only. There are people in the society who overtalk i.e. speak considerably more than what is required and at the same time, there are undertalkers, who don't speak enough. Similarly, we find fast talkers who talk too fast or slow talkers, who talk too slow. Quiet talkers speak very softly and the loud talkers speak too loudly.
    When we come in contact with any individual with whom we have to interact on a regular basis, we have to adjust with them. It is rather being over ambitious, to expect them to change totally so as to suit our own likings and dislikings.
    Sometimes repeated requests to them may yield some result, but the habitual loud talkers revert back to their habit sooner than later.
    It is said that the people who are born in larger families consisting of many members generally talk louder as they have to converse in a larger group. Similarly, the people who are hard of hearing themselves, tend to talk louder.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, people have different kinds of voices. Some have loud voice and some don't. I don't have a loud voice and am always asked to be louder when giving a presentation etc,. The people who have loud voice cannot reduce that loudness even if they want to as it comes by birth. If we suggest them every time they start talking, it may work. But, try not to sound harsh as such people are not annoying on purpose. In case somebody is doing that on purpose, you can be a little harsh.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Each and every one of us are born with different size larynx and vocal cords. Based on the structure of the larynx, vocal cords and lungs, the volume of a person's voice varies. The people who talks louder are not even aware of the tone of their voice unless somebody mentions them. They mainly focuses on the content and they don't think about the tone of the delivery. Such people should not be blamed for speaking louder.

    The tone of the voice varies from person to person.Some people will talk louder out of excitement. But if you mention them they will reduce their voice.

    The most irritated ones are the people who talks louder to seek the attention of the people who are working around. Such people will never change. It all depends upon the attitude of that person.

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    Talking politely and with the less voice is always recommended. I have seen people talking on the phone without getting any hint on what they are conversing even though we are near to them. But the subject matter is having a definite reason. In most homes the elders are having hearing problem. One has to raise voice and tell the things to them so that they will understand. And that habit extends to every where. Those people who are habituated to talk loud in the home also try to emulate the same even outside. Some people talk on the cell phone in such a loud voice that the caller can hear the same without the cell phone. That way of behavior is very irritating. My mother cant hear properly and I used to talk with her in sign language and she would understand the same immediately. That way my interaction with my mother was complete and no one knows about it. In fact others in my family used to take my help to convey their views to mother in my action language.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    well it really becomes annoying when somebody scream at your ears and talk to you, I have faced this incident many times in my life because the person who does this he is my brother, he usually scream and talks.
    live happily in every situation of life

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