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    From a feel of a journalist to a caretaker of Legislative Affairs!

    It is just a coral imagination of mine. I was fond of journalism and I was about to join as a trainee Sub-Editor of a popular News Daily. Meantime, my performance in various competitive examinations assured me a good Government job and my spirit to become a journalist was short lived as I couldn't get the nod of my father at that time.

    Now coming to the point. Couple of years back when I was introduced to this site by my daughter, I felt happy to share my views in this forum and participated in the Group Discussions as if I were participating in a News Channel. Thus the inner feeling of becoming a journalist got revived. I could gain experience in this site and felt elated when I was offered to join the Editorial panel of the site. This time the role is felt different. When I expressed my views as a member, none took it seriously but the same expression of thought gives rise to different opinions. The proceedings in the Forum sometimes reflect the serious discussions in an Assembly or Parliament where a response by the Legislative Affairs Minister/Parliamentary Affairs Minister couldn't convince the members and they insist reply by CM/PM. Same is the case here, some members not convinced with Editor's reply and await reply by ME or WM.

    This thread is in a lighter vein and a pure innocent thought of mine. Change is inevitable and one has to accept it and go with the wind!
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    As a matter of fact, the WM is the final authority. Therefore, in case the members are not satisfied with the decision of any editor, then they raise a request for an intervention of the ME or WM for a final decision in the subject matter.
    Despite the fact that the editors of the ISC are the backbone of the website and perform their duties in a very professional manner, the possibility of unintentional human errors occurring on the part of the editors also cannot be ruled out entirely.
    Generally, the ISC management supports the editor concerned, which is the standard practice in such cases in all organizations.
    As far as I recollect, most of the disputes arise due to deletion of the threads or in cases of an award of negative points by the editors.
    A mechanism of grievance redressal is considered a hallmark of all reputed organizations. The WM get feedback also about the functions of the editors through such a mechanism.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I really appreciate the author for connecting his personal wish to become a journalist and ended up as a government servant and thus his inner urge to be a journalist was well taken care of through his participation and elevation in this site. Some times what we think and want to have is not going to happen and thus we compromise our wish and settle for the less by force. Any way in life some good opportunities do come to put forth our talent in better way. I think you are more than a journalist now at ISC by doing the editor job with much elan and even getting appreciation from the fellow members. That kind of appreciation is not possible in real journalism.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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