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    Is it true that delegation of some responsibility to an individual makes him/her more responsible?

    Often, teachers assign the responsibilities of the monitor to the naughty student of the class and it works wonders. The same student starts behaving in a responsible manner.
    Also it is said that ometimes, the policemen take the help of expert thieves etc. in an investigation of a complicated case and the criminals by virtue of their expertise and insight are able to help the police to solve the case.
    It is also observed that even children start behaving in a responsible manner when due to certain unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances they are compelled to take care of their family at a tender age.
    Is it true that delegation of some responsibility to an individual makes him/her more responsible?
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    Responsibility is a prime character of a leader. When an ordinary person was delegated with a responsible job, s/he will mould internally and started acting as a leader does. The responsible character start perceive within him/her when responsible to some work/job has overloaded. There is no difficult at all, this is because every person has some little/more leadership quality, which we don't know or never wants to know. The quality ascends and materializes when s/he got the opportunity to do so. Sometime, teachers give responsibilities to naughty students to lead the class. They know that the student is very poor in studies and behaves rude with his classmates; however, when he got the opportunity of leadership the good values inside him starts awakening and perform accordingly. Everyone get astounded with this sudden change in him. It's really a good practice sometime in schools.
    Naresh Kumar
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    An interesting topic has been raised by the author. By delegating more responsibility it is the authentication and indication from the management that you are capable of taking new task and your performance so far has been better than others. Thus by giving additional responsibility the company wants to take you to the next level of promotion. If new responsibility is given it is understood that you must continue the old one also. That means additional work is given so that you are being tested as to how you manage to do many works at the given time. There lies the real judgement of a real working persons. This way the increments are decided and given. In banks and government departments, if some one gets promotion means they must be ready to for other branches or places. There is always a promotion with accompanied with transfer. That is the reason many wont like the promotion with conditional transfers.
    K Mohan
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