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    Why India is the name of our country, why not Bharata?

    Ever thought about why India is so named? Get an interesting insight into the origin of how the country got named as India instead of Bharata.

    India is not original name of Bharata, our country. The name India is given by British; which actually derived from Sanskrit word Sindhu, then Old Persian word Hindu and then Indus. Is there any relation between Bharata and Sindhu in our history? Sindhu means Ocean. Bharata means 'devoted to light as against darkness', another name of Agni, the God of Fire. I didn't find any relation between these two words Sindhu and Bharata, so why this contrast?

    The word 'India' was being used before the discovery of India by Columbus. If all the names of cities like Madras, Bangalore, Calcutta, Bombay etc. can be changed, then why not India also named as Bharata?
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    The author has seems to be raked a contentious issue which has been subject matter since many years but no government dared to change the name from India to Bharata. But when you come across the Hindi news and its narration normally the word Bharath has been used instead of India. That means those who are talking Hindi, they use the word Bharath. There has been opposition from the Muslims that they won't call this country by the name Bharath. As it contains the name of the Hindus personality history wise. They call it Hindustan. By the way the word Hindustan is also good which gives due recognition to the power of Hinduism present in full strength.
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    The Hindi version of the Constitution of India describes India as Bharat only.
    In English language, the official name of India is the 'Republic of India' i.e. 'Bharata Ganarajya'' in Hindi or Sanskrit languages.
    The term Bharat is recognised by the Constitution of India as an official name of our country.

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    In my mother tongue Telugu, India is called 'Bharata Desam' or simply 'Bharat'. We call 'Asia' as 'Aasia' in Telugu. I think it is the same situation in almost all the states of India. Now a days, we are using English words when speaking in our mother tongue. So, we use 'India' only when speaking English or modern Mother Tongue (Telugu for me). So, came the name 'India Study Channel' but not 'Bharat Study Channel'.

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    India sounds better than Bharath. India has Indi(Hindi). India has Hindu(ind). India has Indus(ind). India is only one India (a). India is In Asia (IA). India is a light/lamp (in-dia) (dia means lamp).

    Since our country was ruled by King Bharath, brother of Lord Sri Ram, we are calling it as Bharath/Bharatham. Bharath cannot be explained in a way that I have explained about India above.

    Let India remain as India in this universe. No change is recommended.

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