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    Why IT employees face more work stress?

    Stress is a common word which is used by all the working people. The nature of the work varies from person to person and from job to job. The work involved in IT companies is definitely much different from the work involved in other public and private sectors. Every working person faces a kind of stress in one or different form. But on an average the people who are working in IT companies face more work stress compared to others.

    Why IT employees face more work stress? Is it because of the nature of the job ?
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    It is not the nature of IT work which causes stress. Instead, it is the methodology adopted i.e. the system of setting deadlines and delivering the results on or before deadlines.
    Stress is there in all types of businesses where so much is always at stake. A farmer is always stressed as generally it is not known if there will be enough rains or not.
    Interestingly enough the Finance Minister of India also remains as much curious about the rains as a farmer because the economy depends up to a large extent on the agricultural crops.
    IT sector is comparatively a new sector as a means of livelihood. As it is based on computer systems, an organized approach is adopted in this profession. Moreover, due to a rat race, a number of students have joined and completed IT courses. The mushroom growth of private engineering colleges also added fuel to this fire.
    Now the employers have to demand results within the set time frame, which causes enhanced stress.

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    As far as I know, IT employees face high amounts of stress due to the deadlines of their projects etc,. Sometimes, even small mistakes may lead to loss of job. This is due to the exponential growth of students completing engineering in CSE or IT departments every year. So, if one employee is suspended, there are many others trying for his/her job. As I am a student, I might not know the amount of stress they feel but one thing is for sure. If we find a way to relieve stress, life goes happy.

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    IT workers like software engineering, BPO persons, system analysts, etc are more stressed job holders as compared to other fields. No doubt fields related to health, administrative, police, traffic control, are too stressful; but continuous system work leads to excess mental and physical stress to IT personnel. Additionally, they never take food regularly; moreover take fast foods, cold drinks, excess coffees/teas which lead to obesity kind of diseases that makes more drowsy and tiredness.
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    Not everyone working in IT sector is stressed. There are many who work like employees in other sectors also.
    It is those who are in a project with deadline who have to work with stress. That is there in all other sectors also.

    Working in shifts, doing overtime were all there since decades. Even I had worked in round-O-clock shifts., in one job where I was to do overtime if needed. That means I will be away from home for about 16 hours. Then have to return, do all other things including sleep in the next less than eight hours and again be off to work for the next shift.

    There was a time that if we found lights inside an office by 9 pm or 10 pm, we could be sure it was a bank and mostly officers used to sit to finish that day's work and prepare for many things where deadline was there . That also not getting any overtime compensations. But they all suffered silently then( and some even now).

    Doctors had to work extended hours and cannot stop working at a dot when patients are waiting. They will have the stress of surgery and complicated cases. Many government employees have to work with stress. What about Police and army?

    Then why the IT sector got the publicity of working under stress? That is because, IT sector employees were freshers, in their twenties, recruited in mass scale. So almost every home had one in IT sector suddenly. Most of these were working for Projects with deadline, Business outsource for other countries with different time zones and in service solutions. So these youngsters who did not know about how people were working in hardship jobs and in round the clock shifts made it a point of discussion, because they lost their time to socialise which they were doing as students. Their families also discussed and spread it that way, because for them also it was new experience. But one should also accept that IT sector employees were given very good compensation which other sectors could only dream.

    So it is just a myth or exaggerated propaganda that only IT sector people work under stress. Others too work under stress, tension and compulsion and many times with lesser compensation.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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