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    Please say what all mistakes I have in this article

    Actually I am new and I don't know what mistakes I have in this, please write in detail so that I can understand exactly. Here is the link of an article.
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    Babu Saroj,

    You need to improve your English skills. There are far too many mistakes in that article. A lot of incorrect adjectives have been used, typing errors are also present, sentence structuring is weak, etc.

    Examples of errors:
    By gradually he becomes a frown up man
    - Gradually, he becomes a grown up man (not frown up man)

    Such a trip also helps both teachers and students to get refreshment.
    - Such a trip also helps both teachers and students to get refreshed (not refreshment)

    The school should celebrate the independence day of our country gorgeously
    - The school should celebrate Independence day gloriously (or in a grand manner and not gorgeously)

    The above are just a few of the errors. I suggest that you take active part in forum discussions. This would help you to build up a good vocabulary and develop your English and writing skills. Also, spend some time in reading contributions of other members in the articles and Ask Expert sections to understand how to post in different sections. Don't get disheartened at all - we've had plenty of members who have gained confidence in this manner and become fairly good at writing articles. Learning should be your first goal - the earning will come in due course. Learn and earn is ISC's motto.

    We're there to encourage you every step of the way, young man!

    Managing Editor,

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    #572993 please say that do we get any cash from forum ? And how we get from referral and does we get any cash from referral work.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Your article posted would be reviewed and then given suggestion by the editor on how to improve your writing caliber. As regards to getting cash from forum, you must raise such a message which must bring immediate traffic to the ISC. That means impressive messages raised by the members and also a good response to a raised thread would get you some cash credits. Since you are new to this site improving on content sharing with full following of grammar is every essential to get cash credits from this site.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    #572998 : Only the exceptionally good forum threads and forum responses get cash credits and the others get only points. Anyways, if you earn more points, you are likely to get into the top 20 contributors of a month and get revenue share bonus (a part of the site's revenue given to its best contributors). Coming to referrals, go to 'Invite Friends' of your 'Dashboard' in which you can see a sample mail. Change that mail according to your details (if needed) and send it to your friends. If they join this site through the link in that mail, you will get 10 points and the referral bonus as follows.
    Rs. 1 : If the referred member completes registration.
    Rs. 10 : If the referred member reaches Silver level.
    Rs. 100 : If the referred member reaches Gold level.
    Rs. 250 : If the referred member reaches Diamond level.
    Rs. 500 : If the referred member reaches Platinum level.
    Note that it is not the Rs. 1 + Rs. 10 etc,. when referred member reaches silver level etc,. Instead, it is Rs. 10 etc,. only i.e. Rs. 1 changes to Rs. 10 etc,.

    My suggestion to you is to improve your punctuation, sentence framing before starting to post articles. A mistake I observed in all of your forum posts is that the first letter is not a capital letter. ISC is a best site where you can learn and earn. All the best for your ISC future. Hope you will try your best to contribute in ISC.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Thanks to all the senior members of ISC. I promise to you all that i will keep your suggestion in my mind and one more thing i am little weak in English, so if I make any mistake please pardon me and as well as teach me instead of banning my id.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    In the case of articles, besides improving English language skills, there are other factors also like the selection of topics and HTML tags etc. The author may go through the following article which is likely to prove of some help to him in writing articles -
    How to write articles for ISC? Simple tips for first time authors for earning revenue.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #573035 : I don't think you will be banned if you make English mistakes. But note that you will be unable to post in articles section if five of your consecutive articles are rejected. As suggested in above responses, try to develop your English through forum posts. If you don't mind, include a sentence in your forum threads (not responses) asking responding members to correct your English mistakes if any. It helps not only you but also the other members to improve English.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Babu Saroj,
    Before you learn anything, just try to learn how to write the word 'I' in your written communication. The word 'I' should never be a lower case letter or small letter when used as a pronoun 'I"

    Just have a look at your own sentence - I promise to you all that i will keep your suggestion in my mind and one more thing i am little weak in English, so if I make any mistake please pardon me and as well as teach me instead of banning my id.

    You used 'I' (i will keep your suggestion - i am little weak in English) It should have been -(I will keep your suggestion - I am little weak in English)

    If you can overcome your 'I' problem, I am sure, you will be excellent in your English.

    All the best, Babu Saroj ( instead of writing your name as 'babu saroj' it will be ideal to write it as 'Babu Saroj)

    No life without Sun ¤

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