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    Why it is important to know about the friends of the children?

    All school/college going children make some friends. They label one or two friends as their best friends. Occasionally, the children's friends visit their homes also.
    My point is that the parents should know sufficiently about the children's friend including their contact details for any possible use during emergency conditions if any, in future.
    Since most of the bad habits are passed on the friends only, it is imperative to continuously monitor the children's habits and advise/guide them appropriately about maintaining/continuing relationships with their friends.
    What are your comments about the subject matter?
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    Good suggestion from the author and in fact we the parents of our children were following this advise from their lower classes itself. Normally our children get attached with one or two friends in the class and they stay as the good friends in good and bad times. Therefore it is imperative on the part of parents to know about our children friends and their address also. During those days my children used to participate in extra curricular activities and for that practices are done at the friends house which is near to the school. That way the schools friends are now extended to college level too and the bond of friendship between our two families has also grown.
    K Mohan
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    Parents should be aware about the child since they care for their child but they should ask all the details from their child only by directly asking.
    They should not try to become detective collecting all the information about their child from all the sources possible becuase this kinds of parenting only leads to create differnces between children and parents.

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    Children do some things without telling their parents. If parent is close enough to a child, the child will definitely share everything. Otherwise, children are more likely to do things (bad/good maybe) without telling their parents. This spoils their relationship in a significant way. When the child becomes a parent, the same is followed and it messes up the family relations. Anyway, parents love their children and children love their parents too. If that love is given in a right way, the family will be happy in their entire lifetime.

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    Parents are very much worried about their children when they went out for a long time or came late from school/colleges/offices. If children are staying with their parents, they must inform while going and time of returning or if they're coming late at night or anything else.
    When I was in class eighth, in vacations I went to friend's village which is around 80km from my town. The same day, flood happened there and my parents were too much worried about me. At that time, there are no mobile phones, telephone lines went dead due to severe washout of roads and bridge. There was no connectivity at all. I was there for two days and my parents are too much worried about me until I came back home. I then got to know how they care for me. Similarly, every child must understand their parent's feeling; they shouldn't take every incident very easily and carelessly.

    Naresh Kumar
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    In Hubli,Karnataka, I have seen a small quotation in the room of my advocate,Mr.Hiramat which depicts 'Tell me your friends I will about you'. Really it is meaningful word. Now the question raised by the author has answer from the quotation, as we can judge our children's activities well if we knows his/her friends.

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    Ramachandran Ji - There is an English proverb also - 'a man is known by the company he keeps'.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Behaviour and character of children has much effect from peers and friends. Hence it is imperative for parents to know about friends of their children. It is all the more important when it is found that children spend more time with friends.

    The saying is 'A man is known by the company(companions) he keeps with".
    If the friends are good then that is good. But if the friends are not good then they can land in trouble.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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