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    Why people do not give alternate economically optimal suggestion

    From many an instance and experience I have come to see a general pattern. When we take some electronics appliance for repair, it is easy for them to tell that this model is not serviceable, spare parts, replacements are not available. Or they may suggest a repair which may entail more cost.
    However there can be definitely better economical and viable alternatives. The reasons can be either the technician o service personnel fail to think about it, or they are ignorant about that or they want to catch a profitable business rather than get a less profit option. It may be also possible that they do no want to spend more time on less return jobs.
    We also may not have convenience to go for a second opinion for various reasons. So many times we stand to lose.
    Do you agree with me, do you have any such experience.
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    We are gradually progressing toward use and throw regime. The companies dealing in electronic gadgets are generally thriving on a unique business model of their own. Since advancements in such fields are taking place at a very fast pace, newer models are getting introduced in the market periodically. All new versions/models highlight/claim certain unique features sought after by the buyers to get sold.
    Moreover, the Chinese make products have their own USP. Since, ages we know that the Chinese products are only transient in nature, but still cannot resist the lure of buying the same.
    Initially when computers and laptops entered the markets, the Indian mechanics and even service engineers learnt only formatting. In case the product could not be set right by formatting, then it used to instantaneously become an object worth Rs. 2000 only.
    Many Indian mechanics work by 'jugad' (innovative fix) method only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Please note that business is all about taking the advantage of your ignorance on the product or services. Mechanics are very shrewd in this regard. If you go to a car mechanic, he will open all the four doors and send a person beneath the vehicle. Naturally you and onlookers would think that the car needs extensive repairs and what ever the mechanic says that has to be followed. Surely for every problem in the vehicle there are alternate and short cuts. For example if your tubeless tyre gets punctured, filling the air is enough to go up to the repairing shop as every one does not know the art of fixing the tubeless tyre puncture. I was informed by a mechanic that one can still continue with air and there is no urgency to attend the puncture immediately which costs 80 per puncture. Where as for two rupees you can fill the air and continue journey for time being.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Yes Mr. Venkiteswaran, you are right. An incident like this happened to me some days ago. My phone had a battery problem and so, I went to the official service center where a technician replaced the battery. When the phone failed to work again in two days, I went to him. He suggested another place and the technician there found the original problem. Its a problem due to a chip inside and that chip should be replaced but not the battery. The technician in the service center will get the salary anyways. So, he/she doesn't care about providing an optimum cost method to a customer. Many others follow the same.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I am giving a small example. One of my friend is a AC mechanic. He does not have any technical qualification, he was assisting a person and after six month he manged to get a job in Samsung ( by providing fake qualification and experience certificate). He just have learned some basic things and when ever he did not able to repair the AC, clearly manage to explain the customer that the compressor has damaged, and that need to be replaced, and he is having a very good commanding voice and can explain to the customer easily. Then he take the compressor to own house, and do repair with help of other mechanic and charge for full compressor to the customer.
    He knows which customer he can cheat and manage accordingly.
    So it is all about our ignorance nad easy belief to them.

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    Most of us might have came across with mobile repairing cheating cases, as mobiles are very common and it needs servicing and repairing due to any reason therefore. Recently my uncle gave mobile to look after its power button which was not working properly, needed to press hard. I went to Nokia care centre, and the mechanic told me to wait for 30 minutes so that he could repair and it will cost Rs. 250/-. I wait for an hour, then he gave the mobile; I checked it was working properly, and returned back. However, after a day the same issue arouses, and when I showed set to another mechanic, he said the same problem that I repaired one day before. Actually the Nokia care mechanic didn't do anything with that mobile; just opened for an hour in its chamber, cleaned with some chemical and returned to me.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    If an individual due to his helplessness does not admit his lack of knowledge or lack of experience, but gets things done taking help from others without the knowledge of customer, that is pardonable.

    But I have come across at almost all times that the technician o vendor goes to the far extreme and give the costly idea. I am suffering a lot because of all these. But because I di not yield in some cses and went for more detailed enquiries with other sources and suggested my own ideas, in a few cases I could manage with very economical solutions.
    In fact most of the scrap now at my home arose because of these situations. A few printers, a CPU, a window AC, a few defunct mobile all lying because e no one is giving less cost solution to put them into use, not ready to take in exchange.

    Simple answer is, who is using these now a day? Latest models are there. The window AC is actually in working condition and very sparingly used. But in my new house there is no provision on the wall to install that. Two people I called refused to attend on it.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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