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    Dangers of getting fungal infection on wearing wet clothes during rainy season

    Worried about fungal infection from garments during the monsoon? Understand from this forum thread why it is dangerous to wear wet clothes and not change to dry ones quickly.

    Being the rainy season , there is every chance of we getting wet though we have rain coats, umbrellas or even hats. But when we get wet, we must immediately change the cloths and wear a dry one. We often change into dry clothes thinking that our body temperature would ease the wet inner wear and we can continue with the same. This mistake is proving costly for many as they are getting fungal infections on the upper thighs and the itching problem is very high and we feel awkward to scratch in front of others. And the treatment for this goes beyond 1500 towards doctor's fees and medicines.
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    During monsoon, the air contains more moisture which is conducive for germs to grow and thrive. Also stagnated water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies to lay their eggs and grow their young ones. Heavy clouds during the monsoon prevent the ultraviolet rays, which generally kill a lot of viruses and bacteria, to reach the ground.
    Thus extra precautions are required to be taken during the monsoon to save oneself from the adverse effects of the season.
    The chances of contracting infective skin diseases are comparatively very high during this season.
    If possible, an extra set of dry clothes may be kept at the workplace instead of spending the whole day in wet clothes after getting wet outdoor while commuting.
    I am amused by the specific estimate of beyond Rs. 1500 cited by the author for coping up with the situation on getting wet during monsoon.

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    The doctor fees is rupees 300 for the skin doctor and the prescription given by her works out to 1200 for the medicines which includes tablets, ointment, powder and soap.
    K Mohan
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    The cost may vary at other places e.g. in smaller cities the doctor's consultation fee may be Rs. 100 only and the cost of ointments etc. may also be lesser, depending upon the gravity of the problem.
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    In rainy season, we are more likely to suffer from health problems and this fungal infection is one of them. So, it is better not to stay with wet clothes. Some other things to follow in rainy season are using mosquito nets to avoid mosquito bites which may lead to diseases, avoiding outside foods especially the spicy ones which may lead to skin infections etc,.

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    Rains give a lot of relief from the heat, but the same rains can lead to fungal infections. Most fungal diseases are caused due to moisture and humidity and monsoons are the time when bacteria and all kinds of germs breed best. Keeping the following few things in mind especially during this time can help us to avoid these infections and allergies:-
    (a) Avoiding closed shoes
    (b) Taking daily shower, especially after return from work
    (c) Using talcom powder
    (d) Using good quality foot and nail cream
    (e) Using good quality antibiotic soap.
    (f) Rubbing neem leaves and lemon in the body.

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    The point raised by mohan sir, is really an informative that too in right time. Many of us should follow his suggestion as soon as reached home after wet ourselves especially should care on children. Fees and other things may be different from place to place but for that low doctor fees, we cannot lethargic in such matter. Moreover, we have to cross many places on the road with gutter water, rain water etc., (most of the people idiotically spit on the road water also without thinking others would put leg on the same) so, to avoid this the house person should keep a bucket full of water mixed with some antiseptic liquid such as dettol etc., and persons coming inside the house should wash their legs in that water is good.

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