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    Lot of thought's to share with women

    Hello Friends,

    Today women's safety is very important in all fields. Daily newspapers we all read about rape that to on small young children's who don't have an idea about it also. Those Persons should be severely punished without any mercy because they are taking away that child's childhood.

    But all of that we have to take care of our selves.

    First thing we should restrict ourself going out alone after 9-10 pm. In case of going out we have go in group.

    Secondly We women's should always wear a decent dress which should not look odd and the dress which suits our age.

    Lastly we should always carry some instrument that always protects us.

    Actually when we are in difficulty we ourselves should fight against it. Can't depend on any body. "We Women's have that power Let's show to the person whoever troubles us"
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    ISC is a gender neutral website. On the profile page of the members, their gender is not revealed as it is expected that only value-based discussions will be held in the forum section.

    In the above backdrop, I have to say that in case the author of the thread is a male then there is nothing unusual in the suggestions offered by him regarding the safety measures to be adopted by the females. We come across such threads periodically from time to time and thus keep the hearth of this very sensitive issue burning.

    However, in case the author is a female then I salute her for coming forthright and adopting a bold and honest stance on the subject matter.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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