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    What seems care to parents, to children its interference in their personal space.

    Many times a point starts with the topic mentioned above creates tug of war between parents and children.
    No matter how liberal parents are at some point this issue causes arguments in the family. Even though both realise their mistakes after the argument is over but their are always such issues.
    Parents want to know everything about their child from their school performance to their collegues and friends and child thinks it as interference.
    Though the child knows that they are doing it becuase they are concerned still these arguments happens.These things are normal in every family.

    But in some cases tthe situations are not normal as mentioned below
    How do you see parents who try to become detective and want to get all the information about their children from all source possible.
    They even check the mobiles of their children time to time that too in the absence of their child.
    Same goes for the children who are over senstive and over react at every small thing and want complete independence.
    Both above condition of parents and children mentioned seem wrong.

    How do you see this situation?

    And at which end of this tug of war you are parents or child?
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    This thread is raised twice, the other one being "". I remember a forum thread in which Mr. Tony John said that this bug (same thread posted twice unknowingly) was removed.

    Let us continue learning.

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    If parents act as a detective there is nothing wrong for the young children; as parents are too much worried about their children. Parents are too come across from the situations where their children are now, they know what kind of incidents occur in cases of girls and how boys get divert from studies. The things are common and there is nothing wrong in suspecting and detecting.
    If the children get furious and angry then the parents must taught them calmly about the wrong matters if they found during their inspection. Most of the children nowadays are moody and don't care about their parents' saying.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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