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    Did ISC turn inaccessible for you just moments ago?

    Hello ISC members,

    Just moments ago (July 28, 2016 - 09:14 PM), I couldn't open ISC. A message 'This site cannot be accessed' is displayed. This happened to me four or five times before. I thought its a problem with WiFi at my home. Now, I observed that the 'Online Members' list at the bottom right of ISC pages is empty just after the problem is solved (I am refreshing the page every thirty seconds to post a forum response). Is it just a coincidence or does it happen to you too? If it doesn't happen to you, could you tell me why this is happening for me? I am losing what I wrote till then as a result of this problem and I should have to write my entire response again.
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    It happened to me also. Initially, I also thought that it is due to some problem in net connectivity etc., but it soon became clear that there is some other reason. I think it may be due to a server problem.
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    Yes, I could not access it for fifteen minutes.
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    Yes even faced the same problem and thought it to be net problem. So just locked my cell and kept it aside for a while.

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    No, sorry, I did not face any such problem today. I was away at that particular time (0830 to 1000 hrs p.m) Also I never faced such problems during my life at ISC. After all, it is a machine that could develop any such problems time to time. We should bear with it, especially the servers which serve us continuously 24x7.
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    #573057 (Mr. Sun) : It is not a problem to bear it for few minutes, even for a few hours too. I raised this thread to know if I am the only one facing this problem and if so, to know how to solve it.

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    Yes, I had also experienced the difficulty. But I was imagining that to be some problem at my end. But soon it became okay.
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    This problem does occur once in a while & has taken place even during the day time. It is possible that the US-based server is going through some technical glitch or that the Webmasters were working behind the scene in trying to fix something. At such times, our site will be inaccessible.

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