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    Is it good to take fruit juice during meals?

    Unsure whether it is good for health or not to consume juice during breakfast or a meal? Know the benefits and downside of drinking juices while eating.

    It is suggested not to drink water while eating the food or immediately after the food since it causes indigestion which will subsequently cause gastric and acidity problems. Then why is it suggested to take fruit juices and milk for a balanced diet?

    Can any one explain to me because juice and milk are also liquid and so is water. Should we avoid any kind of liquid while eating? Nowadays breakfast is cornflakes with milk or bread and jam and fruit juices. Such breakfast always include liquid things. What are your views?
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    According to me, water or any liquid is a lubricant that helps the food to move smoothly into the food pipe and intestine. That is the reason why water is served first than all other dishes. We cannot refrain from taking water during the meals. It is a need. After eating, we should have sufficient water for the food to get digested/grinded properly.
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    Liquid items like juices, curd, cold drink, salads etc should not be taken with meals. Many people used to take salad with rice, which is actually not preferred by dieticians. Dieticians suggests to salads and other soupy items at least 15 min before or after a meal. Otherwise it may cause improper digestion of food. During breakfast it is advised to take healthy nutrition with at least 30gms of protein. Nutritional health drinks also in liquid form that many people in India used to take at their breakfast. Oats and corn flours with milk, noodles are too healthier and have nutritional ingredients that can be taken in breakfast.
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    There have been many discussions on the topic of whether or not it is good to have juices after meals. We've had contradictory statements on whether or not drinking water during a meal is harmful for digestion. As for juices, I remember my Physician once advising me that at any given time it is best to eat fruits rather than their juices & recommended not having a juice in the morning for breakfast but to eat the fruit instead. Even a healthy soup is recommended to be had about 15-20 minutes prior to the main meal. <
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    No meal is possible without liquid, as liquids are already present in most of the dishes of the meal like dal, sambhar, vegetable curry etc. Often people take curd, raita or such other semi-liquid or semi-solid dishes. The green salad like accompaniments also contains sufficient liquid in them. Because of such reasons taking extra liquid in the form of drinking water during the meal is not required.
    Few persons have a bad habit of gulping water with almost each morsel of the meal.
    Milk and fruit juices are not pure liquid but contain many essential nutrients including protein as in the case of the milk. Sometimes people take 'kheer' as a part of the meal which contains milk also.
    Therefore no hard and fast rule can be made by prescribing a strict meal regime.
    The general concept is to restrict intake of water during the meal and take it after half an hour or so.

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    To take water after giving a gap of 30 minutes after a meal is a new concept that is being adopted now. I never ever heard such water drinking gap during my childhood or my youthful days. Also I never observed people not taking water during their meal and after 30 minutes. I would say it is the latest science relating to food eating habits.
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    What I personally feel is that taking water, juice or any liquid item before meals will cut short our ability to intake the food in right quantity. If you go to big functions and marriages, the guests are served with tooth pick snacks (starters) and also offered tomato juice etc while the ceremony is going on. If we try to have them since they are being offered now and then, when the time comes for lunch or dinner, we would surely be eating less. The main idea of the organizers is to discourage more eating by the guests and hence such starters and even cool drinks are offered. It is better to have fruits salad or juices only after meals if the stomach has some space.
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