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    Tolerance: Weakness or Strength?

    Wondering whether tolerance is a sign of weakness or a strength? Discuss about tolerance in this thread.

    A big tall boy slapped a thin boy. The thin boy tolerated because he cannot retaliate and is afraid of him. This tolerance is a sign of weakness.
    Suppose a boss in the office puts lot of pressure on the employee and insults him many times, still he works and achieves the target. This is the sign of strength.
    This is purely my personal view. But when I discuss with my friends about tolerance with various examples, everybody says that this is purely weakness and asks why one should tolerate?
    What do you think? Is tolerance a good attribute or a sign of weakness?
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    Tolerance is a good habit if there is a limit for it. It is not good if we tolerate even when somebody is insulting/hurting us badly. The major emotions in humans are joy, sad, anger and all of these must be present for everyone. It is bad if you get anger easily. It is also bad if you never get anger. So, a balanced tolerance is a strength but an extreme (very less or very high) tolerance is a weakness.

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    What I feel that tolerance is the sign of strength. In Tamil there is a saying that those who tolerate in their life and be patient in trying times, they have turned to be the big achievers beyond comparison. If a tall boy slaps the thin boy and the thin boy wont retard is the sign of utmost tolerance and in fact by not retarding the thin boy already given him the fitting reply. He is the winner here. And when the boss abuse the employee and chides him for every work and yet the employee does complete the tasks and achieves the target, that is the big slap on the boss who failed to gauge who is the real employee. So keeping tolerance is the plus point and brings back greater results in future. For others you may be unfit and nomad but when results come in your favor , then that is the victory of tolerance you have kept and the history has many winners who gone through this process and regarded as one of the best. Mahatma Gandhi is the Iconic example for this. So be tolerant and be a achiever of par excellence.
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    If you tolerate injustice because of your weakness, be it physical or mental, you are a coward. In this particular case, it is not tolerance, it is cowardice. On the other hand, if a person is magnanimous enough to pardon the wrong committed by another, he/she is tolerant. But he must have the strength (both physical and mental) to punish the misdemeanors of the other person, if found necessary in future.
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    We can very well watch the movies made on the life of Mahatma Gandhi to come to know as to what is tolerance and approach of 'ahimsa' (non-violence). It is now a part of history that only the civil disobedience movement could enable us to attain independence. Depiction of 'namak satyagraha' ( Dandi Salt March) in the movie vividly shrieks aloud as to what is a tolerance and what is a cowardice. The might of the British rule had to bow down to the inner strength of power of tolerance of the Indians under the able leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.
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