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    How about a day outing with colleagues?

    Does an occasional outing with colleagues to be sponsored by your employer help in lowering stress? Will it increase the productivity of employees? Follow this discussion to know more about the same.

    Some companies are very employee friendly and do all possible ways to keep the employees happy. They take the employees for team lunch, team outing and give them various fringes. This makes the employees stick to the company for longer period and perform well. There are other companies who are not really interested to know if their employees are happy or not and all that they want is them to work. According to them, employees are paid for their work and doing something extra is not necessary. They feel employees get their weekly off and so outing is not required.
    Which is good according to you? An outing once in a while from company is required or is it just a waste of time?
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    If the employees are competent enough to let the company earn a huge profit, then the companies may consider doing something extra. However generally, most of the employees try to just go through the motions of doing their duties and perform only the minimum which is necessary for their survival in the company. In such a scenario, the owners of the companies also reciprocate accordingly by restricting themselves to pay salaries.
    I believe that in case the employees perform outstandingly well by going out of the way, then the companies will positively consider doing something extra.

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    In my opinion, it is better if something extra is done. It makes employees more interested in their work. If we are doing a job by force, we will do it with no interest. If we are doing a job happily, we will do it with interest. And, doing a work with interest leads to better results. So, it would be better if companies provide outings etc,. like the author mentioned.

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    Companies conduct outing parties for employees for creating a community of understanding each other, sharing their talents, knowing their problems very clearly, loop holes of their company in front of their enemies/competitors, etc. Some private companies distribute bonus to its employees instead of outing/parties. The motto is same, to attract their employees only for better performance and output in their work.
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    Outing in a company with families and children should be held once in a quarter or half yearly. We cannot expect to have every weekend to have an outing arranged by the company. Such an outing helps to develop the bond between the families working in that particular company. It creates a family atmosphere and cordial relationship, especially the lady members and also the children.

    I would say that an organized outing is a must for the betterment of the organization.

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