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    If India was not ruled under British; what would be the present scenario?

    British covered almost more than 90% of the world creating history, invading and establishing its military company. Most of the invasions occur by the British pirates & private traders with an approval of the crown. Except 22 countries British invaded more than 170 countries at that time.

    However my question is what would be the present scenario, if British not invaded and ruled India. British ruled in India for more than 200 years which is really a longest ruling in the world. During this India has great loss in financial, educational, social, religious, and many more. It doesn't matter what we loss, because the loss is uncountable; however, the British English which we they taught us is one of the primary language of more than 400 million people and one and half billion people's first and second or foreign spoken language.
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    If India would have been not ruled by the Britishers, the other scenario would have been different. The Kings would have flourished further and improved their positions by defeating or annexing the nearby small states where other kings were more interested in lavish life than ruling. Probably India would have been envied for rich wealth and wholesome production of food grains with vast land. The treasure would have been manifold and the country would have been on par famous with Middle east in terms of rich culture and tradition. And most importantly we would have been got rid of these so called filth politicians and those worthless political parties.
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    If India was not invaded by British, India would be a rich country. British invasion led to loss of religious values, traditions etc,. in people. So, we would be following some more of our great country's traditions if we were not invaded by British. Somebody once said to me that there would be no road network in India if British didn't invade our country. But, the magnitude of loss is way more than the magnitude of gain due to the British invasion. In my opinion, India would be a better country if British didn't invade us.

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    The 200 hundred years of British rule acted as a transition period or buffer zone to get rid of the tyranny of the Muslim rulers. We can very well get a glimpse into the kind of life Hindus were leading during the Muslim by considering the kind of life Hindus are leading nowadays in Pakistan.
    Even the Rajput warriors had to compromise by marrying their sisters and daughters to the Mughal rulers.
    In nutshell, the Indian gain following during the British rule -
    1. A modern judicial system in place of the old archaic Muslim law system of the Mughal period.
    2. A modern education system, in place of 'madrasas' and 'gurukuls'.
    3. Exposure to scientific thoughts and technological innovations.
    4. The British rulers gifted independence to us by educating Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in their universities.

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