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    Have you noticed improvement in forum section ? Related links and summary also added.

    When I opened this site in the morning and visited my pages, I found that related links to my message was visible and also a summary which invites the members for discussion and deliberations. Surely this is a great development and we must thank Tony for making this forum section further interesting. I am sure with this new features there are every chance of visiting other pages and articles and indirectly the members are going to be benefited with more AdSense revenue. Bask on the glory and pride of this site!
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    Yes, only yesterday I have noticed the new features. I surely welcome the new features. These would make Forum section more interesting.
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    Yesterday Night I saw that newly developed feature.
    Adding summary below forum section will bring god traffic. As the Editor added some good key words, which is not only attract the members to response the appropriate things but also it will increase the value in search engine.
    First of all I get confused whether I have opened the forum or ask expert section?

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    Yes. I could also observe some change in the forum. However, nothing appears in this thread.
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    There are ongoing discussions about using the full potential of our vibrant forum to generate more traffic & revenue for the site. We will issue some instructions & suggestions later.

    Note that not all threads will see the summary and/or related links.

    Managing Editor,

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    Yes I noticed it yesterday. However when I tried to open the related links it did not open. So I left it at that taking that the work is gong on and not complete in all respects.

    Useful modifications are welcome. There are modifications gong on in this dynamic site, but only certain glaring ones we notice. Many ideas are given by members, many would have come pro-active thinking from the WMs and back office side, including those from sister sites,

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    The feature of adding a summary to the threads is likely to have many indirect benefits also besides its palpable objective of raising traffic etc.
    An appearance of a summary denotes that thread has positively been reviewed by the author as taking into consideration the total volume of activity in the forum section, perhaps sometimes it may not be possible for the editors to essentially moderate all the contents.
    It also indicates that the contents were evaluated to have superior quality and selected for adding a summary. Such a move is likely to encourage the authors to refrain from posting run of the mill stuff, though the habitual one are likely to continue the old and easier practice.
    It also gives the editors an additional power in selecting the threads for adding a summary.
    I would like to add that some token cash credits may also be considered to be assigned to all such threads picked for adding summary.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I observed this feature for the first time yesterday night in a thread to which Mr. Tony John responded. I thought our webmaster might have added that summary. Later, I saw summaries in many other threads and understood what is going on. As summaries are given for the threads with quality content, they generate more traffic thereby increasing the internet users' good opinion on ISC.

    Let us continue learning.

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