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    Have you ever felt that your ideas were hijacked by other members by posting first?

    Have an idea? Post the same here at the earliest to avoid losing the chance because another member may overtake and post it before you; so says the author. Ideas are universal and the quicker you are, the better. Follow this discussion to know the views of other members.

    I always observe the discussions and deliberations taking place in this forum section very closely. Some times I feel like laughing on seeing few threads which mentions the reality of life and goes with my thinking level because I have seen members raising a post about which I was thinking but delayed a little bit and the thread appeared. Likewise in responses too some members coincides with my thinking lines. But one thing I always yearn is that forum should be full of contributions so that it must keep me busy. So whenever some thing flashes your mind, append here at once and let the deliberations go on.
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    The ISC world is not so small that what you think might be the same that I think. In this vast ISC with many hundred intelligent and super intelligent brains, there is no chance for two members to think alike on one particular topic and regret to see a lead by the other member.

    Of course, I once came across a response and said ," Mera Mugh ki baath cheen liya."

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    It happends many time as most of us came across with daily trends and topics through online or offline news. Apart from current affairs various general topics arose in our mind which coincidentally crosses in India Study Channel. ISC forum is a big open platform where thousands of authors meet daily. So it's very common thing that happened with me too many a times.
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    There are more chances of such incidences, in cases of the breaking news types of threads. Also, it happens in the cases of the threads related to festivals also.
    There had been many instances in the past when the threads related to the exchange of good wishes on the occasion of festivals have been posted by more than two - three members and the editors had to lock the threads raised subsequently.
    Generally, it is always advisable to check the forum section to ascertain, if any other author had posted some thread on a breaking news.
    However, it is also true that few members have no ideas of their own and therefore derive inspiration from the threads raised by the other members. Such members try their best to make such threads look a bit different by twisting the words but generally such threads reveal the latent theme.
    Many new members without knowing that the topic has already been discussed umpteen times in the forum section, raise new threads on evergreen topics like reservation policy, gender discrimination, care of parents in old age etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Most of us have reach to various social media, print and audio visual media and personal contacts. So one matter gets discussed in various platforms and we are all aware of them. A few members may think of posting those matters in ISC. Then others may feel that his idea is copied or hijacked.

    Persons like me do not care that as I am a bit lazy to jump instantly and post a thread on getting to see or hear a news or matter of interest. The principle of " First come, First served' is not a new one. Now the world races against time. The one who reaches the finishing point first gets the cup.
    One who aspires for getting trophy has to be fast and work harder and smarter than others.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    As I started contributing in forum section recently, I didn't come across any such situation. And I don't think such coincidences are possible. We all think in different ways. So, there is less chance of such same thoughts. Anyways, a forum response is posted to express our opinion on the forum thread or a previous forum response, I don't worry if somebody posted their response with the same thoughts as mine.

    Let us continue learning.

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