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    If your neighbor reads your news paper first and what will be your reactions ?

    Today when I was watering the plants, I heard duel between our neighbors. That is that the news paper which was kept at the gate of one neighbor was seen missing and after some time it appeared. The reason being, another neighbor who goes for walking has taken the news paper and gone through it while walking and kept the same it its place. This annoyed the real customer who chided the attitude of other who stole the paper for time being. This issue raked me thoughts in my mind that in apartments too the news papers are thrown from the ground and it may reach to neighbor house and you mistake that he has taken the paper for reading pleasure. Any such confusions?
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    Absolutely nothing! In fact, everyday when I go downstairs in the morning to pick up my newspapers, I notice that my neighbour's eldest son is going through one of my English newspapers.
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    It depends on the neighborhood i.e. the area in which one lives. Generally, in a posh area, people never resort to such cheap practices as they buy their own newspaper. Sometimes, it happens that the neighbor goes out of station for a day or two and since the newspaper vendor is not always informed in such cases, the usual delivery continues. They throw the newspaper in the morning without knowing if the owner is available or not. In such cases, I personally find it very disturbing to see the newspaper lying on the ground as an orphan. It is better to pick such newspapers and keep it somewhere with or without reading that. I always inform my neighbor to take care of my newspaper in case I am out of the station.
    Another scenario is that when any specific news or information is published in another daily which is subscribed by the neighbor. I such cases, it is better to borrow newspaper from them to refer the specific news/information instead to reading the same like a thief.

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    Normally now days such things are not happening, although I can not deny this is not happening at all. But I will not fight with my neighbor, if he/she just read my news paper before me. If there is any emergency so I might ask for him/her for the news paper if he/she has taken from my home. Or else there will nothing going to change in my news paper if I read after 20 minutes.

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    I think its wrong to read another person's newspaper without asking. It may not annoy at first but a quarrel starts after doing the same multiple times. I currently live in an apartment in which every family subscribed to their favorite newspapers. So, there is no chance of any such problem for me.

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