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    Who is member who has posted highest number of articles in ISC?

    Yesterday, we came to know that our ME of ISC achieved a milestone of posting 1000 articles. As an average member like me, posting a single articles itself feel a big feat, just imagine posting of 1000 numbers of articles! How much time, hard work, dedication and mind work would have required for this! It is by no mean a small achievement.

    After I came to know about such great achievement. One question which runs in my mind now is who has posted maximum numbers of article in ISC? Is it the ME only? If it is she, who comes in the second position with number of posted article in ISC?

    It would be really inspiring to know such member and their achievement. Can anyone help it out to know about with member name and their number of posted articles.
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    I think no ISCian has posted more than a thousand article and the record of posting the maximum number of articles is held by the ME only.
    I concur with the wish of the author that a list of at least top ten or twenty authors who have posted a higher number of the articles may be published.
    Only sometime back there was a discussion in the forum section about the hall of fame type of feature. Such a feature can very well be started by introducing the hall of fame of the articles writers.
    The author can develop a template of the regular type of articles like admission notifications and admission results etc. and thus can develop a new article quickly by changing the dates etc. only.
    Similarly, the previously published articles can also be refurbished to create a new article periodically.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Ashish Kumar did achieve the feat, with over 1,500 articles to his name. Unfortunately though, the editors and Webmasters discovered a lot of plagiarized content in his contributions so as such his score may not be considered as an achievement.

    Other than him, I am not aware of which member has posted the highest number of articles. Would need somebody to dig it up for us!

    By the way, achieving the 1000th article was a milestone, not a millstone!!

    Managing Editor,

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    I think that Ms. Vandana will easily take the honour with her 1000 submitted articles/932(?) approved articles. No other Member is near to her in Article section.

    In respect of Forum section, is Mr. Kailash Kumar the strongest contender for the honour? I think so.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Thank you ME,
    it is corrected with "milestone".

    By the way you said - "I am not ware..." and "I am not aware"
    are both the sentence has same meaning. It just a query for my knowledge.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    Partha - As far as forum section is concerned, Mohan Ji is the 'Forum King'. Earlier there used to be a feature 'Forum Superstar' in the forum section also like the 'Super Experts' feature of ask expert section and Mohan Ji used to always occupy the first position among forum superstars.
    I was not aware of any such feature initially and came to know about it when Saroja Ji raised a thread one day pointing out that the newbie Kailash has replaced Mohan Ji from the first position. That was taken a breaking news at that time in the forum section.
    As far as reaching milestones is concerned, perhaps I hold the record of achieving diamond level in shortest period and 'inshallah' (if God wills), repeat the feat in achieving platinum level also by the end of September month.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In respect of forum section, forum posts and forum responses, Mr. K Mohan is the heavyweight champion with 6.4 tons forum posts and 25.8 tons forum responses. Even I am with 2.49 tons forum post weight, to be proud. Mr. Kailash is nowhere near Mohan and Sun. He has a very long way to go

    It is easy to post forum messages, not ISC resources(Articles)

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I have corrected the spelling mistake. It is 'not aware' as I am sure you were fully aware of when you posted that query!

    Managing Editor,

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    The intermittent exchange of fire is going on! Really interesting!
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    ISC is the open platform and any one can create or break records of his own or even others. Only we need is the interest and zeal to post best threads and posts so that it is useful for the members and net users. By the way when my total contributions in all the spider sites are joined together then it would be another record. My contributions in Hyderabad spider, Andhra spider, Chennai spider, UP spider were record of sort those days. Since Tony himself discouraged members not to concentrate on spider sites, I even forgone my earned money in some sites. So I was not working here to create records, it so happens when there is no strong contender.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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