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    Stress and Anger Management: How to reduce, prevent and cope with stress and anger?

    Stress and Anger are two superfluous things that affect everyone in this world. There is no one in this world, free from stress and anger. A person even doing meditation and yoga also seems to be angry sometime. What is this stress and anger; how to control these?

    Stress Management:
    People nowadays are acquainted with some unhealthy ways of coping with stress; like smoking, drinking alcohol, sleeping, watching TV and computer for more time, postponing works, avoiding calls, taking drugs and pills, avoiding friends & relatives, etc. which are too much dangerous and creates additional ailment to stress.
    The best way to cope stress is: walking, dancing with music, playing with children and pets, social engagement, avoid people who stress you out, managing time, reframing the problems, accepting things which can't be change at all, spending time in nature, taking a long bath, swimming, walking nearby beach and shore, gardening, etc.

    Anger Management:
    The excess drawback of anger is it cause harmful to mental & physical health as well as social impression, official/career issues, relationship, etc.
    To manage anger, one can reconnect to some emotional feelings to control very first. One should know the actual reason of anger from his mental attitude, tense of muscles, fast blood circulation in veins and brain; etc while alerts a person before anger. The other tips for anger management are, exercise, focusing the physical sensations during anger, massaging the body part, discussing other matters with best friends, doing breathing exercises, etc.
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    Well, I don't have much stress now but, I have anger and I am trying my best to control it. My weakness is being highly tolerant or highly angry. When I am angry, my memory won't work. I even forget the previous sentence I said in a verbal duel. So, I lock myself in a room for sometime and get out of it when the anger is gone. I tried all the anger management techniques mentioned above and so I know that they contribute in reducing anger. I hope the stress management techniques mentioned above will be helpful for me in future.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Stress management and anger management are topics which are very popular for content writing and generate traffic also as there will hardly be an individual who is not affected with such signs and symptoms. However, I had always very skeptic about the actual practice of the shared tips by the stress afflicted persons.
    I do agree that yoga, pranayama and meditation help in controlling such conditions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As we pass through the phase of student to the working person in a office, we are bound to attract with stress and anger. Stress comes when we are not planning the things properly. You must be cheerful and be mingling with colleagues so that you wont feel the work load and finish the same with ease and fineness. On the other hand anger is very danger attitude. Normally young people wont get irritated nor they get angered but given the present challenging situations at work place where in favoritism is being shown and that brings anger as the performing employee is given more and more task to execute and show the result. So be normal and do not perform extra.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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