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    How a country’s culture and etiquette is gaffe and offense in another? Know here

    Want to know the how the same etiquette can differ in different cultures? Increase your knowledge about the various right & wrong etiquette of different countries from this informative forum thread.

    Different countries have their own culture and etiquette. However, the behaviour, expression and attitude of a country's culture are offensive and gaffe in another country. Some of the examples are here.
    1. Nodding head in Greece and Bulgaria is 'No' and shaking head is 'Yes'. So, while in Greece and Bulgaria don't say 'yes' when you mean to say 'no'.
    2. Looking downward while speaking is a kind of respectful behaviour; however, it is offensive in some parts of African countries.
    3. Greeting gestures are quite different in many countries, like shaking hands (in US, UK and most of the countries), bowing waist (like in China, Japan and other Asian countries), and putting hands together and bowing a little (as in India and Japanese countries), cheek kisses in France etc.
    4. Opening gifts and presents in front of the giver is a kind rude and an act of disrespect in Japan and Columbia.
    5. In Canada, if you burp after eating in restaurants means to 'thank you, the food was excellent'.
    6. In Indonesia, showing finger other than thumb is kind of rude, no matter even if you're showing the direction.
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    The following are some more such examples -
    1. Generally, people compliment others by saying that - 'your dress is nice' or 'what a nice scenery' etc. However, in the Middle East and in African countries like Nigeria and Senegal, such an expression is interpreted as a wistful desire for said item.
    2. In Tanzania, arriving at a function on the dot is considered disrespectful. The polite and well mannered guests are expected to show up at least 15 to 30 minutes late.
    3. Yellow flowers express hate in Russia and Iran, and purple flowers are considered bad luck in Italy and Brazil. In countries like France and Armenia, an even number of flowers denotes joyous occasions, and odd numbers are meant for grieving. In the Czech Republic, flowers in general, are seen as romantic gifts and therefore gifting the same to one's teacher or boss may invite trouble.
    4. In Asian countries, like China and Japan, slurping soup or noodles is seen as high praise, though the same is considered a bad manner in many countries.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    These things may cause potential problems. I once saw a movie in which a situation like this occurs. The martians come to Earth and a big gathering of people, military officials etc,. is arranged at the place where the martians would land. The martians say that they come in peace after landing on Earth. So, people let a white dove fly as a symbol of peace. That is misunderstood by martians as a symbol of war and the martians start destroying humans. In Japan, women should not be seen opening their mouth wide. So, Japanese women cover their mouths while eating food like burgers etc,. It would be better if the entire world follows same set of symbols etc,.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Now the same kind of message is going viral with the movie Kabali by comparing many words of TN tamil and Malaysian Tamil.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Yes I truly agree with the authors that the gestures what we show in India may not be valid in other countries and we have to follow their rules. That is why in Tamil there is a saying that "yadum oorey yavarum kelir " that means before going to a new place, please try to know their customs, traditions and way of behavior. In this regard I wish to bring a gesture being done by cine actor Balakrishna while poll campaigning for TDP party and he used beat his thigh and challenge the opponents to contest and win at his constituency. Challenging by beating on the thigh is the display of strength with arrogance and Duryodhan used to do that.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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