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    Baby on board says a hand bill behind a car. What the owner try to convey ?

    While I was driving and happen to stop at the signal I noticed a car before me having the notice of "Baby on board" and immediately it flashed in my mind to share the same here. Actually speaking there is no baby in the car, and the driver is alone. By the way even if baby is there, what it matters to the drivers behind the car. If the owner drives the car in lanes and by lanes, the honking would be nil and the baby would feel better respiration without excess carbon dioxide. When he drives on main road naturally disturbance would be there and one cannot avoid it. What you infer from the hand bill?
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    Basically the 'baby on board' boards is intended to alert the emergency services that there is a child in the car so that in the unfortunate event of an accident or a crash, they can accord due priority to the babies during rescue operations.
    Sometimes it is used as a pun also to refer to pregnant commuters. In the year, 2005 the Transport for London started issuing 'baby on board' badges to pregnant commuters so that other commuters may offer a seat to them.

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    My view is since the car has a child in it, the other vehicle drivers cannot expect this car to move fast and other thing the other vehicles alerted to avoid continuous or sudden horn blowing because this child would got feared.

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    It is mainly to indicate that a pregnant lady is onboard the car, and it is a warning to other vehicles that they should not expect the car to proceed at a higher speed. It is only applicable to foreign roads, not fit for Indian roads which have many humps and bumps, and not fit for pregnant ladies to travel. The pregnant lady is likely to deliver her baby during the journey itself with the shakes and jerks of the car due to bad road condition.
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    It is actually a caution and alert to the vehicles following as indicated in all the previous responses.
    However the cruel fact is that many people do it for fun. If the fun goes overboard, then it will end as 'crying wolf'.

    I had seen some advertisement or cartoon showing a pregnant lady wearing a dress which has a caption ' baby inside' . That helps to caution others not to bump on her at crowded places or inside crowded bus/trains.

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    I think that's just a comic way of saying the traffic rules. There may be a baby in the house of that car's owner but a baby won't be a baby forever and that message should be removed later. In case a baby is in the car, it is better not to overtake with high speeds etc,. as it may make the baby afraid.

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