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    Visit Meghalaya- the 'abode of clouds' during monsoon!

    The monsoon has arrived all over India. It is the time to vist Meghalaya-'the abode of clouds'. I have been fortunate enough to visit this beautiful state. Why don't you plan to visit the resplendent and dark green beauty of Meghalaya during monsoon? Here are some of the places to visit in Meghalaya (excluding Shillong):-

    (i) Living root bridges: Innovative Khasi people have developed these bridges from the roots of old rubber trees. These bridges can be seen mear Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong.
    (ii) Mawlynnong-the cleanest village of Asia: This village provides an excellent example of community based eco-tourism. Living in tree-houses made by the locals (for the tourists) would be a wonderful experience.
    (iii) Caves: More than 1000 caves can be seen in Meghalaya. Some of the more famous ones are located near Cherrapunji. Liat Prah is the longest cave in India.
    (iv) Forest of medicinal plants: Mawphlang is a jungle of medicinal plants. It is located at a distance of 40 Kms (appx.) from Shillong. The Khasi tribe considers this forest sacred.
    (v) Garo hills: An excellent spot for nature-lovers. The scenic beauty can't be described in words.
    (vi) Iewduh Bara Bazaar: This is the biggest traditional market in the North-East.

    All of us visit different places in India. Let's visit this dazzlingly beautiful 'abode of the clouds' during monsoon!
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    From the name of the state, it defines clearly that it is the state of clouds and the author has given extensive details of places to be seen on visit to this great state of North east. Surely when time permits I shall visit.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I was posted at Guwahati during the period 1986 to 1989 with all the seven north eastern states as my jurisdictional area. Therefore I was required to visit all over including Meghalaya. I sometimes traveled from Guwahati to Silchar by road which required passing through the entire length of the state of Meghalaya. Once during such a travel, it was monsoon period and even on roads in the hilly region clouds were available in abundance. The vehicle had to traverse through the clouds like traveling through a fog.
    While traveling by air also from Kolkata to Guwahati, one can see the beauty of Meghalaya.
    It is the wettest region of India, with an average of rainfall of 12,000 mm in a year.
    Meghalaya is known for its matrilineal system where the youngest daughter inherits all the property. In case there is no daughter in the family, the parents nominate another girl e.g. a daughter-in-law as the heir of their property.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I had not yet travelled to East or North East states. Hope I may get chance. Anyway I am tempted by the thread narrating some details.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I didn't go to North India anytime before. So, I didn't go to Meghalaya either. But, I will visit at least some of the above mentioned places when I go to Meghalaya anytime.

    Let us continue learning.

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    So, I could inspire only four to visit this beautiful state!
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    During the month of March this year, I went to Kaziranga and from there to Meghalaya. In Meghalaya , I went to Mawlynnong and Dawki. The boat ride at Dawki is really beautiful. Mawlynnong which was declared as one of the cleanest villages in Asia in 2003, is really a model village. The "Root Tree" bridges which are unique to Meghalaya are really a wonder. They last long and provide passage over the streams. Due to my health restrictions, I could not go up to the root tree bridge at Mawlynnong. As you rightly pointed out it will be very good to visit Meghalaya during rainy season. I enjoyed the drive from Shillong to Dawki and from there to Mawlynnong. I could not go to Chirrapunji due to lack of time. Meghalaya is a beautiful place with all it's greenery.

    With regards

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