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    Can you mention some unusual names of places in your city or town ?

    In Hyderabad there are many places which has unusual names and for the first timers they would split into laugh after hearing those names. Some of the places are :

    Engine Bowli which is situated in old city
    Dhoodh Bowli, again in old city
    Domalguda, means mosquitoes place situated in heart of the city
    Kilwat, near Charminar
    Pathergatti- the buildings near Charminar are made of stones only
    Sitafalmandi- by virtue of having so many Sitafal trees
    Cavalry Barracks- A railway station specially made for the British army
    Dowton- The British colony place
    Sikh village- Where more Sikh communities are present

    Please mention the unusual names of places in your city for the benefit of members knowledge.
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    Even the main shopping area of my city Lucknow is known as Hazratganj.
    'Hazrat' in the Urdu language is an honorific for addressing high officials like 'Your Honour' for judges and 'His Majesty' for royalty.
    'Ganj' generally means a marketplace.
    The term 'ganjing' is used to describe ambling in Hazratganj doing window shopping.
    The Indian Coffee House was opened in Hazratganj during the period of first world war which later became a popular joint for journalists and writers.
    Great thinkers like Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Chandrashekar and authors like Yashpal, Amrit Lal Nagar, Bhagwati Charan Verma and Anand Narayan Mulla used to brainstorm there over a cup of coffee.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In Tamilnadu there are so many names in such a way. Example one is Adiyakkamangalam (a story behind is said that the village name was asked by some british administrator in those days and the lady to whom the question was raised did not know, so she called her sister (named mangalam) to answer as, 'Adi akkaa mangalam' (Hey!Sister Mangalam!). The man who raised the question just noted the village name was adiyakkamangalam and the same is continued since)

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    Ramachandran your information was very funny. Like wise there is a place called Arakkonam and when the bus stops at this place, the conductor used to say, Amma arakkanam, amma arrakkanam. Hope those who know Tamil can enjoy that.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There are almost many unique names in my district but if I wrote these names here, I know that you are going to kill me because the words are very vulgar and here many members will not believe that these kinds of names really exist. Besides these vulgar names there are few some like chunanagar, kathapur these are villages and if you search on net, I am sure you are not going to find it.
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    Mohan sir, similar to that there is another place near Tanjore as 'Ammapettai' but the conductors are telling 'amma poitte'.

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    There are several places in Goa too. One such example is Chinchekade which means near the tamarind tree. The cause the name is obvious though the tamarind tree has long died down, but the name still continues to exist. Other similar names are Vadakade (near the Banyan tree), Nalakade ( at the tap) etc.
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    There's a place near Pathankot in Punjab called as Kala Bakra means Black Billy Goat. Funniest name I have ever heard.

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