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    How can I delete unfinished or wrong article from ISC if I don't want to complete it?

    I wrote an article months ago and saved it as it is to continue later which was uncompleted, and now I want to delete it and I don't know how to delete it from site.
    Please tell me the procedure how to delete that article?
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    I think the authors may not be able to delete such articles on their own.
    Raising a thread with a request to the editors is perhaps the right course of action. But in such cases, the url should invariably be given so as to enable the editors to consider doing the needful.

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    Dear Neelam
    Please let us know whether the unfinished article is already published and if yes, let us know the link for further understanding of the same.
    If the article is not published and is in drafts, then do let us know which one would it be

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    A member cannot delete his/her article published/saved in ISC. But, there is an indirect way. When I joined ISC, I created multiple copies of my first article unknowingly. Then, I did this to replace those duplicates with new articles. When you want to post a new article, clear the title, summary and description of the article you want to delete after clicking 'Edit'. Then, write title, summary, description of your new article there and publish this article. Now, the content of your unwanted article will be replaced with the content of your new article but the URL won't change. So, write a message to the editor (in the text area displayed when you click 'Show/Hide Advanced Options' present below the three buttons at the bottom of article posting page) to change the URL accordingly. You can follow this way or the way suggested above by lead editor.

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    Krishna - Changing url with the help of the editors is important as the url bears the original title and is used by the search engines. Is it so?
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    Yes Mr. Kailash Kumar. Once the URL is changed, search engine uses it to search the article.

    Let us continue learning.

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    in response to #573214 this is the link to article I want to delete and it is not yet published and it has one more copy also

    and their is one more article which got duplicate, and among both copy I want to delete this one the link below but I am wondering will it effect other copy of it which I want that to be published although I have given the link to the wrong one

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    Well i am new here but what I think is that it is wasteful to delete article instead of that I think you should erase the whole content and start writing a new topic in that wrong article isn't it a good idea.
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    Those 2 articles of yours are in draft mode. You cannot delete the articles. I would suggest you to delete the entire content from those articles and post new self-written articles with good titles and summaries.

    Before you publish those articles, leave a message to the editor in the message box, requesting him / her to change the 'file name'.

    That's it.

    Thanks & Regards
    Lead Editor (Articles)

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