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    A beggar, black tea and an ounce of milk.

    I used to see this poor man, who begs on the streets to earn a one time meal, at a tea shop near my office. Being regulars there at almost the same time, we used to exchange smiles. I have always seen him drinking black tea. One evening, I saw him ordering a tea with milk in it. I looked at him and gave him a smile. Might be on seeing the amusement on my face, he came near and told me, 'Sir, I intend to be luxurious today'. Saying this, he picked up a snack and turning towards me said, 'Do you think I am being extravagant?' and gave a heartwarming smile. I was not at all surprised but his words set my thoughts in motion. Was he redefining luxury and extravagance? I just smiled, patted him on his back and walked away; the bell was still ringing in my mind. And what we all think about luxury or extravaganza! Friends, what are your views?
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    Extravagance is defined as lack of restraint in spending money or using available resources. Generally, all human beings are prone to be extravagant as their desires are never fulfilled. It is relative and what may mean being extravagant in the case of an individual, may be a routine practice in the case of the others.
    The tendency of individuals being extravagant is generally seen during the weddings. They spend anything between few hundreds to few lakhs on the wedding dress which is generally never worn again in the lifetime.

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    For some people luxury means a high class society, rich atmosphere, luxurious assets, etc. For some people luxury means to live happy with luxurious family. Some people are billionaires but there is much lacking in relationship in their family member. However, many people are happy with there and they called themselves as luxurious and extravaganza. It's all about the mindset of people; how they live, what's their existence, how they react with others, etc.
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    Luxury is a relative term. For a poor person, eating three times a day is a luxury. For a middle class person, having more money is a luxury. For a rich person, being more rich is a luxury. The poor man decided to be luxurious that day and he did it. I feel happy for that.

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    Luxury and extravagance are purely relative term. If I spend 7 days at the best resort of Pattaya beach, that would be extravagance; but if a film-star does it, it is quite normal.
    Similarly, what is luxurious lifestyle for me, is definitely not for an industrialist.

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    My friend , In dictionary both luxury or extravaganza both terms have nearly common meaning. In my view luxury means to be extravagance of living life.
    Similarly poor man thinks of luxuries life but when you see yourself what state you are then he realizes that what is he and what he expects. So for same reason he asked "Do you think I am being extravagant?"
    Luxury sometimes comes inherited and most of time with your hard work you earn it. Extravagance is state of mind and attitude which is very hard to control.

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    What I understand from that poor person that extravagant and luxuries in his term being one step ahead of his previous living condition. Surely for those who were poor and in poverty, little comfort in their life would make vast difference.
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    For rich people luxury isn't extravagant .Because if an actor doesn't get to visit expensive hotel then he can't maintain his status.But if middle class people use to often visit expensive hotel then it will be said extravagant.

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    What a touching as well as thought provoking incident. The beggars story teaches us, the value of money. I had once heard about a saying that one can never understood the true value of sight until he or she looses it, Money is also a similar thing. when you have money in abundance, you never realize the true value of money. people born rich indulge in every kind of extravaganzas and luxuries, they show off the power of their wealth. they spend money like water and never realize it's true value. some rich Arabs ride cars studded with precious stones and even build toilets of gold. From the rich to the middle class people sometimes indulge in over spending, sometimes to make their friends and family happy and sometimes for the sake of their own satisfaction and pride. A scooter owner longs to get a car and a small car owner dreams of buying an expensive car. Even though they have earned their money in a hard way, they wouldn't think twice before they indulge in unnecessary over spending because they believe that they are financially stable and a little over spending or luxuries will not make any difference.
    But several poor people struggle in life. People sleep on the footpath, go hungry for days and yearn for a better living for such people getting a few coins is like winning a lottery. The same is the case with the poor beggar, he had begged for a living and lived in the mercy of others. He usually got a fixed amount of money with which he bought his usual black tea though in his heart the thought of drinking milk tea was always present. The fact that he couldn't afford him stopped him from buying it. Perhaps that day he might have received some extra money, the extra amount fetched him, milk tea which according to him was a luxury and he felt like he was being extravagant

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