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    Have you ever got confused about someone's gender because of their unique names?

    Recently one of my friend who is a student of a literature heard about a famous English novelist she have never heard before whom she thought was a women, and she confidently had a conversation about that novelist with her teacher and when in the conversation she got to know about the person she is talking was a man it was really a funny situation for her although her teacher didn't found about her confusion.
    Have you ever found yourself when you got confused about someone like that?
    There are names which are common to both girls as well as boys and
    like my name Neelam is also among such names and I realized that boys also have this name when I read about the sixth President of our country-Neelam sanjeeva reddy
    and many more do you know some names like this please share?
    and also share story if you have ever got confused about names in such a way my friend got.
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    The region specific names too got confused like my name in northern region they will say it as saroj and there are men with this name too.

    In ISC very long time, I was thinking one member as boy/man but after revealing about the profile, it came out to be girl/woman.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    There was name i remember "Snehal" which is common in Maharashtra for Man and woman. My friends used to take "Snehal" name in conversations. My image of for that name was for girl but one day he introduced me to "Snehal" , it was boy. Likewise "Gurpreet" , I have seen called for both man and woman.
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    Normally the name Krishna is kept for the males. But one of my friends daughter name is Krishnaveni and in their home they call as Krishna. And I thought he was also having one male boy. That was a confusion.
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    Such a situation we often come across at ISC also. Because of the login names also, we sometimes never know about the gender of the member with whom we are interacting, though we get some idea after interacting for a period. We often have to use the combination of pronouns like he/she or him/her while addressing such cases.
    The name Navjot is a typical example of a unisex India name. The name of the wife of the famous cricketer-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu is Navjot Kaur Sidhu. Only the surname Singh and Kaur makes the difference.
    There are many other unisex Indian names like Kiran , Gopi, Nayan, Yogi and Satya etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The very common name in South India is 'Sai'. Most of the parents use Sai name in front of their children name like; Sai Srikanth, Sai Krishna, Sai Sudha, Sai Vamshi, Sai Sravya, Sai Suresh, etc. When they call their children as 'Sai' we' first get confused whether the child is girl or boy.
    Punjabi names of women are quite different than other states; like Parminder Kaur, Rajvinder Kaur, Ninder Kaur, etc. When you found a name ended with Kaur, then confirm it as a woman name.

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    Yes some name are so confusing to identify their gender.We often get mislead by their name like Sonam,sunny,honey etc

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    yeah many times in my life I have faced this, there are many incident one of them which I remember is that one time when I was in school, my teacher was calling names for the attendance and one of the name which she called is Shetal i thought for a second that she called a girl name but actually when the named student stood up I got stunt by seeing that he is a boy. And I also know that many of us won't believe that Shetal is the name of a boy in our class. I am thinking about the parents who named this guy, how they can think of a name of a girl and put the name to his boy child. Now a day people are really doing some unique things, in other word they fusion the common things.
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    I have heard Kailash both as male's as well as female's name. Other names like Umang, Sheetal, Satya, Prithvi and many more are common for boys and girls.
    As I have spent most of my childhood in hostel, I met many strange names that does not even give any sound of male name or female name. Some I remember are like- Mirdan, Lepcha, etc. These names are from Eastern India.


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    In my area, Kalyani; Meenakshi; Kamatchi; Santhanam; Muthu; Kali; Radha; Krishna; are the most common female names that a male too has.
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    As mentioned by Babu Saroj in #573292 the name confusion is very well seen while taking attendance in class rooms.

    I have a friend whose name is Suriya. When any new teacher comes to our class and calls her name during the roll call, they will first look at the boys side and will later find that Suriya is a girl.

    Some of the names which both male and female has are Suriya, Sakthi, Saravana, Vela, Prabha, Ramani, Harsha, Kiran, etc.

    This name confusion is very common in our country and some people who have other gender names gets mentally affected because of the people around them. Our people have a bad habit of giggling and teasing others. Such type of actions really hurts a person and should be strictly avoided.

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    No confusion will arise if we know that there are common names in both gender. Even in our house, my elder brother's name is Ramani (male) and my wife's name is also Ramani (female). To avoid confusion we call my wife as Mythili. Similar other names also there: Dharani Muthu, Jyothi, Mani.

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    Region specific names apart, there are many common names that confuse you a lot regarding the gender of the person.

    I have come across a huge lot of them. But the first name that comes to my mind is Kiran. Other similar names are Krishna, Kamai and Komal. There are many more that I am not not able to recall right now.

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    The following names create confusion in my mind about the gender:-

    (a) Krishna
    (b) Saroj
    (c) Kajal/Kajol
    (d) Kamal/Komal

    My own name creates confusion in others' mind because it ends with 'a'.

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    Well, my name Krishna Teja is common in both males and females. In my school days, a girl named Prudhvi is my classmate. Now, a boy named Prudhvi is my classmate. In my initial days at ISC, I am confused with the names of some members in a way that I addressed a male member as Ms. or a female member as Mr. but I don't remember which one I did. Now, I address a member with Mr. or Ms. only if I am sure or else I will address that member as author etc,.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I have got confused with such names many times.

    Mu mom's friend name is Rajani and until I met her I thought its only a male's name.
    Likewise, Shrinidhi, nitya, surya, kiran are some of the names I came accros which are kept for both girls and boys.

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