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    The greatest movement

    Hi everybody you see sultan the biggest break this year this is new journey of indian movies

    Thanks & regard
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    Raamvasand warm welcome to this site as a new member and I appreciate your liking for the film Sultan. Since you have claimed that this movie is the great journey in Indian movies, kindly give reasons as to what prompted you to say this. More over in this forum when some details are given, then only whole some interaction can take place. One line messages wont serve purpose and your thread would be unattended. Anyway being new member it is imperative to you to learn the Posting Guidelines and other rules of this site. Kindly read the Help Topics for the better understanding of this site and further postings.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Firstly, welcome to ISC Raamvasand. A forum thread should be raised to start a healthy discussion among members. You said you liked the movie Sultan and it is a new journey of Indian movies but you didn't mention any other information like why you liked the film? and why is it the new journey of Indian movies? So, this can't start a discussion. As a new member, it is common to make minute mistakes like this one. Almost every member made such mistakes when he/she is new to ISC. I suggest you to refer help page to get a clear idea of different sections of ISC before starting your contribution. ISC is one of the best sites in the internet form which you can learn as well as earn. Hope you contribute well to ISC in the coming days and all the best for that.

    Let us continue learning.

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