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    Newspapers are full of ads, less news

    You might have heard this sentence, 'reading newspaper daily makes a perfect person'. However, nowadays there is nothing to read in newspaper except ads. Since last 3-4 year I used to go through newspapers online; where I can read 4/5 e-papers within an hour. My father always used to read a local newspaper 'Sambad' and today when I came through the newspaper, I found around 14 pages of ads out of 20 pages in it. It really makes me so irritated. It is really waste of Rs. 5/- per day for me and tonnes of paper that could save some plants and environment. However, the best national newspaper with fewer ads is 'The Hindu' and all regional newspapers are full of ads.

    What you think in this concert? Do you've the same feelings about newspaper? If same process will continue for years, what will be the situation? It might be utters as 'ad-paper' instead of 'newspaper'.
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    As per the News papers regulations, the first page must contain 80 percent news and 20 percent ads. Gone are the days when the news papers used to follow this rule strictly as they were getting government patronage through government department ads and tender notices. Now everything is done through online and the news papers are not getting revenue. And the private companies which are launching the product, they insist full coverage on the first page. Today only I happen to see a prestigious jewellery showroom opening its big branch in Hyderabad and the front two pages are fully allocated to them. The main paper news starts from third page.
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    Media houses are not charity organizations.They are running a business and as obvious in cases of all types of businesses, earning profit is the motive.
    I am not sure as to how much profit trickles in only by selling the news. The actual profit comes through advertisements only. This is the case in all types of media like television or newspaper or internet media.
    The cost of advertising is fixed on the basis of TRP or circulation figure in the case of newspapers.
    Therefore it is part of the game and there is no need of getting emotional or sentimental about the same. If we don't like any particular newspaper, then we can very well discontinue subscribing to that.
    Most of the newspaper have started their e-papers also and earning through ad revenue like all other websites.

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    Who cares now a day for the news in newspaper everything is going online and too news as well are in internet, so whether the newspaper have lots of advertisements or not, nobody cares for that and the newspaper company to take advantage of that by printing lots of ads.
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    I also feel irritated in seeing advertisements overtaking the news space. But still more irritating is the wrap advertisement where the first page is only advertisement poster. I also hate the half page sheet sticking out as a brochure advertisement.
    The newspapers get ad revenue and still make us pay to read the unwanted advertisements. Many times I simply throw the wrap type advertisement sheets or use them for cleaning my mirror or drying a wet spot on floor. I use them for cleaning cobwebs.
    Actually with such revenue from advertisement, newspapers can be supplied free of cost. A few years ago a few top English newspapers Mumbai gave subscription offer of 2 years subscription at Rs 299/- and a free gift.
    It is right that we can read E-papers. But there also some have mad subscription compulsory. But from my experience reading print newspaper has its own convenience. There is data cost and electricity cost also. For an unlimited connection it is okay.
    @Mohan (ref post no. 73272), the stipulation of 80-20 in news and ads s a new knowledge to me. Is it statutory or voluntary regulation? If it is statutory then we can get relief through courts of law.
    I now buy newspapers only for fear of any sudden hartal or bandh locally or power shutdown etc. For such local details newspaper is more useful as TV news do not give such local news and there is chance that we do not view TV al the time.

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    It is true that the News papers are coming out with more and more advertisements, very often making the reader to throw away the paper. Mr. Mohan has written that a news paper must contain in its first page 80% news and 20% advt. But these days very often news papers come with the front sheet fully occupied by a single advt. Just behind that page also the advt. used to occupy.
    The news papers are now a days existing with the income from advertisements. They charge very heavily for every centimeter of the space. But if readers boycott the news paper, automatically the number of advertisements will come down. The business people want their product to reach the maximum number of people. The news papers with lesser number of readership gets advertisements seldom, they go to the business people for collecting advts. In the case of popular news papers it is the other way, the business people pressurize the news paper editors to get space for their advts.

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    Yes my relative works in the news paper and he told me about the ration of news versus advertisement percentage.
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    I don't read newspapers much but I observed that the ads are dominating news these days. Actually, there is not much news these days and so every small issue is being made a news by the electronic and print media. These days, most regional newspapers are focusing on cinema news, sports news, ads which are not so important. I thank the author for raising this thread as I came to know about the 80% news and 20% ads in the first page rule just now.

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