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    Never heed to your child request to ride pilion by sitting with turn around posture

    I think most of you might have noticed that young children would demand their mother to keep them sitting at the back with turn around posture so that the child can have over all happenings on the road and also do gestures to the passerby. The mother heeds to the request and the child is not protected as he wont catch mother also as the support. So in the event of sudden jerks or breaks or even in turnings, there are very chance for the child to loose balance and may fell down. Moreover when the things are moving fast from child , they can get giddiness and that is danger. Next time when you see a child riding like this, advise the parent at once.
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    Many individuals are reckless and prone to resort to risky behaviour. Not only in the case cited by the author but in many such other activities also they tend to be irresponsible. Perhaps such parents were not trained/taught properly when they themselves were kids. Not only allowing pinion riding, few parents let their underage children drive the vehicle also.
    Regarding offering unsolicited advice to them, there is a risk in such philanthropic gesture also. They may very well retort back as to who you are to interfere in my personal matters.
    I think in such cases the mothers are more responsible. The parents should never yield to unjustified demands of the children. It is not showering love and affection but instead behaving like their enemies.
    Most of the well brought up children can be convinced through affectionate counseling that such a behaviour is risky and is likely to lead to an accident.

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    OMG! It reminds me to recollect my past experience. I, my wife, daughter and son visited a famous Siva shrine Vaikom in Kerala. (About 30 KM from Ernakulam) My wife and daughter travelled in a bus. I and my son (8 years) as a pillion rider travelled in my scooter (Bajaj Chetak). While returning from Vaikom, when I overtook the bus, my wife noticed my son sleeping behind me. I repeatedly overtook the bus, and the bus overtook me. My wife was worried. I did not notice any signal from her. Since there was no cell phone facility, she could not convey the message to me. After travelling over a good distance of 25 KMs, I stopped the vehicle for a break and found my son having a sound sleep as a pillion. After reaching home, I had it from my wife. Since then I always ensured that my son doesn't sleep while riding. I keep talking to him during the journey. An unforgettable experience.

    You are right. Children should never be permitted to sit in a turn around posture which will help to ring the hell's bell.

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    A very relevant message and caution. Thanks to the author for highlighting it.

    I see such things on roads. Similar things can be seen in autos carrying school students. There the students are placed like the 'Navagraha's; each facing each direction and doing all kinds of manoeuvres and gestures.
    Pillion riding children should be able to keep their hands around the elder rider, that will secure them and give a cushioning when applying brake and stopping also. But even that situation also I have seen children almost dozing off.
    This message needs to be taken seriously and avoid actions inviting unfortunate results.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Not only in olden days but also even now in villages we can see the father is lifting their child on the shoulder to show the funny things at distance. In joint families the elderly people used to lift the small child and throw slightly up and catch for fun. Many city people are commenting their such actions but they are by forgetting danger doing such actions as mentioned by you.

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    An excellent and relevant thread. I fully agree with the author. When my daughter was less than ten, I never allowed her to sit facing opposite direction.
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    I never came across such a situation till now but I agree with you Mr. Mohan. Sudden jerks, turns can cause giddiness/fear in children which leads to loss of balance which in turn leads to falling down. And, falling down may not be harmful to adults but it may be fatal for children. So, parents must not let their children to sitting on the back while facing opposite direction.

    Let us continue learning.

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